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As per discussed earlier, I have a doubt that the persistent

Customer Question

Good morning!As per discussed earlier, I have a doubt that the persistent mental stress and anxiety given to my brother has caused his death. Although I don’t have any proof for that but there has been a continuous series of events which caused him severe mental trauma. He had been referred to counsellor for therapy owing to that depressive situation.
He had a cardiac arrest since he was in Pakistan whereas he didn’t have any history of heart problems. We have a strong doubt that the mental stress has caused his death. I need to seek professional support that how can we proceed with this case.
Please do guide me.
Kind regards *****
Submitted: 17 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.
Hi welcome to justanswer
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.
I amCustomerone of the legal experts here. My goal is to provide you with the best experience possible and answer any questions which you may have about your current situation.
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.
I may not respond immediately, this is because I may need some time to read what you shared above, type and respond to you.
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.
If there is anything else you need, please let me know before I respond?
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.

Thanks for your patience and enquiry. The difficulty with this is that in order to mount a case you would need evidence to support any allegation that stress caused his death.

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
I have got some audio recordings that my brother has sent to me, when he was being abused and harassed by his brother
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.

Evidence would need to be in the form of a medical report or continuous medical reports which support your allegation. Medical recording from him on his own would not in all honesty carry much weight if this matter were to proceed to court.

Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.

Can I clarify anything for you? I hope I have answered your query in a way that is simple and easy to understand. If anything remains unclear, I will be more than happy to clarify it for you. In the meantime, thank you once again for using our services.

Customer: replied 17 days ago.
his brother in law. Not only this but he was being arrested by the police over the fake allegations by his wife, he was later released by the police over not being proven. This incident has caused him so much stress and anxiety and it literally took him to the verge of painful stress
Customer: replied 17 days ago.
He was then referred to counsellor by his department for counselling and he had been through counselling sessions owing to that depressive phase
Expert:  ReadyLaw replied 17 days ago.

These are all issues that could be relied on to strengthen your case. You however do need evidence in relation to cause of death