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I had a bad experience this evening by nowhere I was accused

Customer Question

I had a bad experience this evening by nowhere I was accused of being a thief because “I look like one”. I’m complaining to the store over the handling of the situation. Additionally someone also filmed the situation which I’m not really ok with. It was an invasive moment. I was intimidated and the security guards asked to look in my bag which I did willingly and they apologised. Despite that I was still confronted by a security guard and told I’ve stolen goods and his colleague had seen me. I asked for them to show me cctv to confirm their suspicions. I asked to see a manager. All refused. I I asked to be taken to a private area. I was told “we don’t take thieves to our back areas”This then meant the conversation I had with the manager (who was the the same chap who had denied being the manager At the start of the confrontation) unfolded in a public square.I felt intimidated but three men much bigger than me as a single woman and were refusing to give me a valid reason for stopping my personal freedom. When I said I feel intimidated by all of you I was told “gender doesn’t come into it”. I was even asked “are you even a resident from near here”. I live in a nice development. I work hard to pay for it in a professional job. None of this is acceptable.I want to have the cctv and the sar before i broach this complaint with the major retailer. The manager did confirm that if his staff member asked to look in my bag (I will be challenging why) and then I complied… that for me to be accused of theft after that point was wrong.I was accused of “looking like a thief”. I had a hat on because I had a bad hair day. Simple.
Should that interaction that was filmed by a member of the public come online which it probably will as others around me were shocked, having requested a private meeting areas to discuss…. Does that matter?I felt intimidated, harassed, mocked and I want to request the store procedures so I can see myself what’s expected before I complain. What are my rights in this situation please?
Submitted: 16 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jeremy Aldermartin replied 16 days ago.
Hi thank you for your message I will look to assist
Expert:  Jeremy Aldermartin replied 16 days ago.
The store has no obligation to provide cctv footage outside a criminal investigation with a civil one however if they wish to defend themselves they may provide it. With this in mind you can instruct a local solicitor to write to them to request the footage with a view to potential litigation they may not supply it at this stage and if so it can be ordered by the court if you pursue litigation. The action would be defamation ie calling you a thief when you aren’t in hearing of members of the public. In terms of the video taken by the member of the public I’m afraid it’s not likely you can do anything about that. I trust this assists
Expert:  Jeremy Aldermartin replied 16 days ago.

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Expert:  Jeremy Aldermartin replied 14 days ago.
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