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What does the £5 seven day trial give you can I chat to the

Customer Question

Hello what does the £5 seven day trial give you can I chat to the lawyer ask more than one question
JA: Where are you? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: uk
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: im asking you about the fee What it gives
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: You haven’t answered my question s
Submitted: 19 days ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I’ll do my best to assist you and provide an accurate and speedy response. Please bear with me as this is an email service and not live chat. Also note that the discussions here are for general information purposes only and do not constitute a lawyer client relationship.

I can't answer questions about billing or memberships, but I'm happy to assist with the legal issue. If you have billing or membership queries you need to direct these to customer care, here:

Can you tell me what your legal question is please?

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
I own a bmw car, it was involved in a accident. The car was took to bmw sollihull on specialist recovery truck, they said the car would be repaired in jan this year within couple weeks it now been 6 months no repairs done and I’m been now told from
Cosmetic need a new engine after they have ran the engine and caused damage to it
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
I have complained to them above bmw customer service e nothing been done .
Wanted a lawyer to assist how to take to court
Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

Thank you, I'll do my best to provide the information you need.

Do you have a value/ estimate for the repair or in the alternative a replacement value for the car?

Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

Is your insurance covering the repair work and are you in touch with them about this?

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
No private
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
To Whom it may concern,
i hope my email finds you well. I am reaching out to bring to your attention the seriousness concerns I have been experiencing with BMW Establishment in UK. I am a loyal customer to the BMW Motor brand and have been for several years, I am reaching out to yourselves in hope you are able to help resolve my problem and find a resolution. I would like to provide substantive details relating to my experiences since purchase of my vehicle along with all the issues i have had so far with BMW main dealership's in the UK. My latest purchase was a BMW X4 M COMPETITION to which was specified by myself through a factory order in Germany. The vehicle registration is MK69 ZYL. After having purchased a premium luxury vehicle i anticipated a premium service and had faith in BMW. I would liked to have received a high level of customer care, customer relationship and an honest integral approach along with BMW assistance throughout ownership of my vehicle especially this being one of the first X4 M Competition.
Factual Position
I entered into an agreement with BMW Williams Trafford Park Manchester UK on 19.11.19 at a cost circa of £88,000 at the time of purchase, it was indicated by a representative at BMW that the service and goods would include warranty of any mechanical faults for 3 years from the date of purchase of my vehicle. The vehicle was purchased in November 2019 and had its first running in service on time after 1000 miles.
A few months later I was driving around 70 mph at a steady speed and suddenly my car had automatically moved down 4 gears causing a immediate jitter and the car within seconds was in gear 3. I was feeling nervously shocked and frightened to continue my journey. I understand the performance aspect of such a powerful car as the X4 M that a gear or two may be downshifted by the gearbox depending on the driving style at the time, but I was well experienced enough to know and feel this was certainly not case in this instance.
After realising there was a mechanical problem with my car I decided to visit the dealership immediately where i had purchased it. I informed the dealership in Manchester Trafford that i did not feel safe driving my vehicle due to the issues around the gears dropping and that i would like this to be investigated.
Later on a Technician had road tested my vehicle and discovered that he had experienced also the same issues whilst driving. I was then informed that a diagnostic test was performed however due to nothing showing up on the report they where unable to offer any further assistance.
A few weeks later I experienced the same problem and took my car once again to BMW TRAFFORD PARK, MANCHESTER , UK. At this point I asked to speak to the actual technician so I could understand what was going on. After testing the car again I was just simply given the explanation that the car may be doing this just simply based on my driving style which was not a solution to the problem. The car was under warranty at this point and I felt a more detailed examination of the car should have been conducted, but the service manager Brendan happened to state there was nothing more he was able to do.6.
9. 10.
The technician confirmed that he hadn’t much experience with this car as the software and driving technology was new to him and he may have to consult a technician in Germany, however he did not follow this through as i believe.
The examination carried out lasted around an hour whilst I waiting in the showroom and a conclusion was reached. I had explained the dangers I suffered on the motorway as the speed of my car suddenly went from 60 to around 25 mph with the immediate automatic downshift of gears.
Considering the value of the car and more importantly the cars immense potential power output and how this could cause serious harm if was to go out of control , I was shocked that a 5 mile test drive lasting 20 minutes could be sufficient for BMW to conclude its investigation. The technician was unable to road test my vehicle on a motorway and explained he road tested my vehicle on 60mph zone only and had experienced this problem occurring.
Furthermore I was not provided with any paperwork verifying what tests had been done on my car and neither was I provided any paper work of the diagnostic test.
Please find the dates my vehicle was in with BMW Manchester garage below; 08/01/20
26/02/20 19/08/20
On the 01.04.21 i was involved in a collision which impacted the front of the car. As driving my vehicle had dropped 5 gears causing me to have a accident (Gears skipping and dropping)
When the collision happened I was pregnant and was left mortified that BMW Manchester failed to throughly investigate my issues. Had BMW Manchester raised a job card to investigate my previous issues I believe this could of been prevented.
My vehicle was then taken directly to BMW BODY SHOP MANCHESTER via a EasTract recovery truck.
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
The vehicle was there for a few weeks and a very basic examination of the repairs was carried out. The person dealing with my vehicle was hard to contact and the customer relations aspect of him was very unfriendly and rude who happend to be called Lee.
When I complained to BMW about Lee poor behaviour and conduct towards myself Lee had actually refused to carry out any repairs on my vehicle without providing any reasoning for refusal of business. Lee then further demanded that I was to move my vehicle or he will begin charging me daily for storage facilities. Considering I had just bought such an expensive car I was extremely upset. At this point I called other BMW garages and BMW Nottingham advised me to bring my car to them, which was over 100 miles distance from Manchester .
The vehicle was taken to BMW Nottingham in June 2021.The person that was assigned to arrange the quotation and plan for the car repair was a person called Adrian. After the vehicle was inspected Adrian initially said that the damage on the vehicle was not majorand the estimate for the repair would be around £18,000 GBP. At this point my insurance company was in contact with Adrian to which he had provided the same quote.
16. The insurance company then also visited BMW Nottingham to assess the damage in order for them to agree the quotation Adrian had provided. From this point onwards we were told that the parts where being ordered (job card was raised) and the repair of my vehicle would be started as the insurance company excepted the quote from BMW.
17. Every few days I would contact BMW Nothingham for a update on my car and was told it is in progress.. A few weeks later I did not hear back from anyone in BMW Nothingham and Adrian was unreachable by telephone. At this point I decided to send my husband to see the car’s progress, as I was heavily pregnant being unable to travel. My husband visited the garage and noted where the car was parked and could see no work had ever been done to the vehicle.
18. When we spoke to Adrian previously he informed us they would need to strip the car before any works was going to be conducted. After this visit to BMW Nottingham I called a week later and once again however i was never able to get in contact with the person dealing with my vehicle.
19. Me and my husband waited for around 2 weeks for a update. Due to no update we decided to revisit the garage again. This time my husband noticed my car was in the same condition as previously when he visited therefore it was abundantly clear that my car had not been stripped at all. It was full of dust, and had been moved around to a different location ( the back of the garage ),which seemed like a storage facility.
20. At this point BMW Nottingham was in possession of my vehicle for around three/4months. When I asked Adrian what is the reasons he failed to make contact with myself as i anticipated regular updates he replied “ i think the car may need more parts than i initially anticipated and the quote for repair has now gone to £42,000. I have informed the insurance company of the new quote”. I was heavily pregnant and was utterly shocked at this statement from Adrian. I then asked the simple question why has it taken you several months to come up with a completely different Assessment of my vehicles damage to which he replied “ i didn't strip the car on the first quote and therefor it was not accurate and missed parts out that may be required”.
21. At this point i began to take some pictures of my vehicle and realised that the car had still not been stripped. In matter of fact my vehicle has never been stripped therefore Adrian was being dishonest and what he stated was completely false. It was clear at this point that had i had become a victim of neglegance from BMW and I was startled by the incompetent the service i was receiving from a main dealer. As a direct result of his dishonesty and conning tactics my insurance company later then refused for the works to be carried out. This resulted in putting me at a significant loss impacting me at financial detriment due to BMW NOTTINGHAMS conduct.
22. Just to summarise my premium vehicle had been in two separate BMW garages so far and nothing had been done to offer the basic customer support to myself or assistance in my vehicle. Incorrect information, contradicting assessments along with dishonesty. There was no communication between BMW and myself, Adrian at this point told me that I had to move the car as they couldn’t assist me any further.
Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

Thank you.

This is obviously a high value car and repairs/ replacement will come at a cost.

You will also be able to claim for loss of use for the period that they have retained the car. Have you had to hire a car in the interim?

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
23. The car then went to another garage close by to see if I they could do the repair works for my vehicle. Several weeks had past and the garage did not progress with my vehicle so I decided to contact the nearest main BMW garage which was BMW Solihull. Having spoken to them I explained the background of my car being in BMW Manchester and BMW Nottingham and nothing had progressed with regards ***** ***** repairs of my vehicle.
24. BMW Solihul then insisted I bring my vehicle to them and they will swiftly get the vehicle stripped and asses the damage quite promising this would be done without any delays. Therefore I arranged for my vehicle to be dropped to BMW Nottingham on the 04.04.21 and shortly after this my husband spoke to Paul Black who is the manager of the body repair shop. On that conversation Paul told my husband that they will have the car stripped and an estimate would be given to us within 7days.
25. Me and my husband waited around 3 weeks to speak to Paul again and we where told that an estimate was being prepared and that the car and engine had been started in order for them to carry out some diagnostic checks verifying that there were no problems apart from the visible cosmetic damage.
26. Communication with Paul was very difficult and has still been as me and my husband would call several times a day but wouldn’t get a response. I reside in Manchester which is over 100 miles from BMW SOLIHULL and it came to a point where my husband had to drive to the garage to actually speak to Paul regarding my vehicle. On my husbands visit to the garage he was told that the damage wasn’t complicated or significant and the estimated time of repair would be around 7-10 days. A verbal estimate was given of around £20,000. Having spoken to Paul he told me that the parts had been ordered and the works where in progress. Please note this was said around the end of FEBRUARY 2022.
27. Once again just like previously I waited a few weeks to get an update on my car and then not having not heard anything by the end of March at this point I decided to visit BMW Solihull along with my husband with my 4month old baby to speak with Paul directly at the garage as communication was not forthcoming and it seemed like the only way to get to know what was really going on with my vehicle was to drive down to BMW SOLIHULL.
28. In the third week of March me and my husband met with Paul and he confirmed with myself that they had stripped the vehicle and that work was progressing and only then we was notified that my car was taken to another site getting the repairs done. This was the first time we heard that our car was not even at BMW SOLIHULL where we transported it, it was now in BMW OLDBURY.
29. I was further more told by Paul that a few other checks were needing to be done, but previous diagnostic checks were done early FEBRUARY when Paul confirmed he started my vehicle which suggested that the car should be running all ok to start the body repairs.
30. On the 22nd April I received an email from Paul Black, which contained a few images of my vehicle along with a video of the engine making a noise when started. I felt a phone call explaining what was going on would have been the least any BMW technician could have done as you can appreciate I am not qualified to look at a video and to draw a conclusion on that. The lack of customer service and customer care truly disappointed me beyond belief. Later when I tried to contact Paul in order to ask for an explanation Iwas told that suddenly there was a problem with my engine. There was a rattling sound coming from some part of the engine and they didn’t know exactly what is was. My husband then took over the conversation as it was too emotionally distressing for me to hear all this as i was assured for several months that my car was under repairs and would not be long till back on road.
31. BMW had refused to investigate the engine and only then my family made contact with yourselves which got matters moving otherwise BMW was not willing to do anything further.
32. The conclusion of the conversation was that BMW would take the cover of the engine off to se what the problem was and see if it could be repaired. I was told this process would simply involve around 3 hours of work and it would be done within the next few days . On the 27th May 2022 around 5 weeks after the conversation with Paul I have just received an email which is listing all the parts for a complete new engine and turbos totalling up to be £30,000.
33. I am mortified to learn this now after all along I was assured the car was in the process of repairs and that the damage was just cosmetic, early checks had already been done in regards ***** ***** engine and everything was fine. I feel BMW has failed in upholding its values to commitments made by themselves to customers purchasing new vehicles and that the entitlement of myself to ensure my car is repaired with the upmost of professionalism by its manufacture BMW
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
has simply failed. Through THE DIRECT ACTIONS OF BMW i have been caused a significant financial loss from BMW NOTTINGHAM by them misinforming my insurance which resulted in them withdrawing from payment of the repairs. BMW SOLIHULL has failed to keep me updated with my vehicle for 5 months and completely withdrawing from the repair plan which was given to me in FEBRUARY, only to send me an estimate of which is more than the cars value.
I would like to add all my factual statements can be supported with images I have taken , videos and a chain of communication through calls and emails . Unfortunately I have had to seek legal advise due to BMW UK neglegance and have been informed that i am firstly to highlight all the past history problems in a form of a complaint regarding my vehicle and try seeing if BMW are willing to help resolve this matter in the first instance. I am humbly requesting your time and efforts in order to look into my case as an absolute priority and a matter of urgency in order to offer a resolution to myself as one of your customers. I believe someone from the outside would be able to see how unacceptable my situation has been.
Finally, as a pragmatic observation, it appears to me that the under lying dispute relates principally due to a failure from BMW UK. As a resolution i feel that BMW should assist in contributing towards the vehicle repairs. At the time of my reported mechanical issues I was clearly in warranty and BMW UK failed to assist in this which could of prevented this cause. The undue stress relating to the above matter has had a direct impact to my health. I am without my vehicle and have been maintaining my payments of £800 GBP per month whilst my vehicle has not been in my possession for the past 14months. There is obviously the depreciation aspect of things to consider also. Not to mention how i have also occurred significant losses due to hiring vehicles in the interim periods due to being lead to believe my vehicle is being repaired. It saddens me to say how all this hasprevented me from enjoying being a first time mother and instead has impacted my mental state drastically now. I hope this matter is resolved to your satisfaction and I wi
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
That is the complaint
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Can you tell
Me what to do as the co
Plaint I have sent is detailed
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

OK, there is a lot of detail in the complaint you are correct!

You need to send them a formal letter before action, setting out the details of the claim, the amount you are claiming for and why. This is different to a complaint, and you need to be clear as to what you are expecting from them in order to resolve it.

You give them 14 days in which to respond before you take the matter further and consider issuing a court claim.

I think that you should do this via a solicitor though, rather than in person. It should be possible to settle this through negotiation and avoid going to court altogether. A strongly worded solicitor's pre-action letter should do the trick.

A court application will cost quite a lot, given that you pay an application fee of a percentage of the claim value.

So you would be better off spending a little money to instruct a solicitor to write to them at this stage.

Can I clarify anything further?

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Any solicitor ? You have in mind
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
I don’t mind paying to take to court
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
How what do I put in a N1 form
Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

You can search the law society database here for a solicitor in your area that specialises in civil litigation:

You need to write a proper pre-action letter before going to court anyway, you can't just issue the case - there is a pre-action protocol which means that if you don't do this first, you may face wasted costs.

And my view is that this should be resolved without the need for a court application.

Your claim issue fee is going to be 5% of the value of the claim - so it will cost a lot to issue.

Can I assist further?

Expert:  plclegal replied 19 days ago.

I didn't hear from you again, but I trust that the information provided was of assistance.

Thank you for your enquiry today. I am happy to answer follow-up questions - please do get in touch with requests for extra information or further queries and I will do my best to help you. You can request me personally on a new question thread saving my profile as one of your preferred experts and by tagging me (@PLCLEGAL) at the start of the new thread. Best wishes, Peter.

Have a great day!

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
Is there a template I could
You for pre action protocol
Expert:  plclegal replied 17 days ago.