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Please are you a real human? cambridge uk, Can I pls speak

Customer Question

please are you a real human?
JA: Yes, I'm a bot. I make the process of talking to the Lawyer more efficient and affordable by asking basic questions. Where is this? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: cambridge uk
JA: What steps have been taken so far?
Customer: Can I pls speak to a human?
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: O no
Submitted: 11 days ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I am have a dispute about payment for falsely advertised goods the seller is getting aggressive, I would like to understand my rights
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 11 days ago.


I am a solicitor. Please give more information about your issue.

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
On Friday I hired a team to pick up a shed shower and lighting from a man selling on fb
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
It was a bit strange for the moment they arrived. He was meant to help load the good but he didn’t turn up or answer his phone until dark.Then he sent someone else. Who knew nothing about the goods.He was originally selling 3 sheds and he was keen for me to take an more expensive one. But from the photos it didn’t look in good condition so I ask for a different one. When I spoke to him on the phone he said both were dismantled and the team had picked s the best bits of each. This was a lie.
Only one was dismantled the rotten one. When the team flagged that they didn’t think it was the right one, the man that let them in the land said that to take it and then speak to the seller afterwards. Also half the stuff was missing.I was meant to buy a shed - advertised like new.
A shower - like new
60m of lighting
And a fridgeWe got a rotten shed - the wood crumbled at this endThe shower is dangerous has a big ball of wax melted into the heating filamentThe lighting was only a couple of metres longAnd the fridge was missing.They got back very late and as soon as I reviewed the goods the next day I wrote to him flagging the issues. And that I wasn’t happy to pay £400 for misadvertised goods. I want to work something out or for the goods to be returned.I also said that I was sick (I had been I’ll that day and the day precious) and said that I would speak with him the following day or on Monday (today). But from that moment he started to harass me with calls every couple of minutes from 3 different phones. He was aggressive.So I wrote back asking to sort things out in a friendly manner and asking if we could discuss it when I was better. But instead he started to threaten me. Not once answering the issues with the goods dispute me sending him photos.I eventually offered 2 options - for me to pay a market rate for a 2nd hand shed £80 and then to take the shower to a repairman and take the repair cost out of the final amount paid for the shower, and to send the lights back in the post.Or for me to arrange for the goods to be picked up by him, but from somewhere other than my house as I did not trust him. (Neighbours near his land had told the delivery team he was a bad sort, the guy that let them in, the landowner, was clearly afraid of him and said he hadn’t paid rent for months. He has since told me he is scared he will burn down his land).
I also told him If he continued to be aggressive or not answer the issues around the misadvertising then I would block him on facebook.However his response remained hostile, and he threatened to go to the police, saying he had the delivery reg number.I would like to know my legal rights. He has clearly misadvertised the goods, and been hostile. We were told to take the goods off the land, and then speak to him later. This was done, and he was hostile and aggressive. I do not feel safe being in contact with him. I have spent £400 delivery fees on goods that are not usable or/and not worth anywhere near that value.What are my legal rights? I do not feel I should pay him for these. In fact I feel like he should reemburse me the delivery costs and remove the goods.What can I do?
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I don’t want to be done for theft, which is what he is claiming. Especially as they were encouraged to take the stuff from the land even though they had concerns. I don’t want to be bullied into paying for faulty goods. In fact I want to recoup money lost, as he has clearly tried to scam us. And this is money for a community project.
Expert:  Joy Nicholas replied 10 days ago.
Hi, thank you for your message. Can I confirm have you taken any further steps in this matter?
Customer: replied 10 days ago.
No, I’m waiting for a response before taking any further action.
Expert:  Joy Nicholas replied 10 days ago.
Hi, thank you for your message. You will need to take the matter to court. He is obliged to sell you items that are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. I would advise that you write him a letter setting out your case and set out what was agreed as he is in breach of contract. You should either demand new products in accordance with the contract or your money back. I would advise that you write him a final letter setting out your case and at the end of the letter state that if you do not hear back in 14 days you will take legal action. If he does not reply you should make a money chain online here:
I hope this helps. Best wishes