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JA: Where is this? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: Some person recommended me this website Location Burnley
JA: What steps have you taken so far?
Customer: Maybe l will describe what happened
JA: Is there anything else the Lawyer should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: Me and my letting agency noticed that l have rotten floor in my bathroom. The agency wrote to me that l have to pay for the floor because it only l caused damage. In the agency opinion l was taking a shower in wrong way because I didn't put curtain to the bathtub. I answered agency on this that it's not true that l caused the damage by taking shower in not proper way because head shower never worked here and l was forced to take a bath all the time. I explained that the floor is rotten because l had to use a jug to rise my hair. I wrote that it's mainly the agency fault because before l moved in here they should install a good shower and only this could prevent rotten floor. The agency answered me that it completely doesn't matter that l didn't have a shower here and that it's all my fault anyway because l should be careful when l use a jug. I completely don't agree with opinion the agency. It's the most important in all case that l didn't have a shower. When l use a jug l can't be careful because here is narrow bathtub and water always splashes from side to side. I don't have any impact on this. If l would have a shower l could control water stream and prevent wet floor. In my opinion in fact mainly it the agency caused rotten floor by neglect this that l don't have a shower. Here is wooden floor. (About what l didn't know. I'm just a tenant) They didn't install shower before l moved in here and also after inspections. Despite this that they were checking everything at home so they had to know that button of head shower does not works. I admit that l didn't insist on new head shower but only because here was different issues to fix at home and it seemed not the most important. I think, it was my mistake but l didn't know that here is wooden floor and that it can happen despite this l mop the floor in bathroom. My question is should the agency pay half the cost of repairing the floor? If yes, what can l do to convince or to force the agency to admit that it also is agency fault and to pay half or all price?Customer: Chat is completed

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Customer: replied 8 days ago.
The Agency wrote that cost repairing the floor it is 400 £. It's not a big amount. I have to pay it now because l need have good bathroom ASAP. I would like that the agency give me back part or all the amount but it not the money are so important for me. They throw off all responsibility on me but in fact big part fault is on their side. It worries me because l am going to live here longer and l don't know what can happen here yet. Maybe if they would have to give me back money they will have a better behaviour in future

Thank you for sharing this information.

Since the Agency has refused to shoulder the expenses, you may file a complaint against them to you local council.

Keep all records that you have including all the expenses that you shouldered to repair the property and have the council inspect the property so that they can give you a detailed report of the damage and also for them to be informed of your current situation since the Agency is being uncooperative.

Once the council has determined that the Agency is liable in part or in whole of the damage then you can demand for the amount.

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