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My iPad is showing faint images only just as if a light has

Customer Question

My iPad is showing faint images only just as if a light has gone out. The iPad is only 14 months old?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  SkillJim replied 4 years ago.

Hi there, thanks for contacting Just Answer today, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my best to answer your problem!


This could be a brightness issue. If you press the settings button and look for an option called Brightness and Wallpaper. Inside this setting should be a scroll bar which you can move up and down to adjust the brightness of the screen. Does this effect the screen at all when moved?


Also there is an option called Auto Brightness just below the scroll bar. If this option is set to On, occassionally it has been known for the brightness of the display to get stuck in a particular low mode. Try turning this option off and selecting the highest brightness on the scroll bar.


The iPad will now always be in the brightest possible setting.


Please let me know if altering the brightness settings helped at all? If not we can

look into something else :)All the best,James.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for responding. The iPad screen is black and only the faintest image of the arrow which would normally be used to switch off the iPad can be discerned. Obviously therefore, I cannot access the settings you suggest as I can't see anything.

Expert:  SkillJim replied 4 years ago.

Hi thank you for your response. Lets try a reboot and see if anything changes.

Press and hold the Home button and the Power button together for 10 seconds until you see the apple logo (because your screen is so dim it might be hard to see, but please look out for it if you can)

Your iPad should reboot. Please tell me if it reboots with the same very dark display.

Expert:  SkillJim replied 4 years ago.
This image may help you with this step. Please let me know your results Alice :)


If this doesn't help, another suggestion would be for you to take your iPad in a very dark enviroment, perhaps at night in bed, and just see if the display is a little easier to view in complete darkness. If so, try my suggestion in my original response to alter the brightness settings.

If neither of these 2 methods are successful then on futher research your screen and backlight may have developed a fault and you would need to take your iPad into an Apple Store.

A list of all stores in the UK can be found here -

In each store is a Genius bar where friendly staff if possible will replace your screen and sometimes even your iPad. I would suggest backing up your iPad through itunes if this is something you end up doing so that you can easily sync all your files, apps etc back to normal :)

I hope my response helps you to fix the problem you are facing with your iPad. Please let me know how everything goes.

If there is anything more you may need help with please do not hesistate to respond to this answer. If you were happy with my help, please would you take a moment to rate my answer with a score between 3 and 5.

Thank you very much, and all the best Alice!

Expert:  SkillJim replied 4 years ago.

Hi Alice, my Expert section is saying that this question is waiting for expert action. I just wanted to make sure that you received my answer replies okay, and that you haven't responded as of yet as it appears my response was the last action within this question?

You are in no rush to try out my advice, but I just want to make sure that everything is easily understandable as I can elaborate or help further with anything if you need it :)

Also don't forget to rate my answer when you get a second!

All the best,

Expert:  SkillJim replied 4 years ago.
Hi Alice, just a quick follow-up to see if your problem was fixed or not.

There is only 1 day remaining left before your question closes, so if you would like further assistance please feel free to respond. Otherwise if you could rate my service that would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much,