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KamilAnwar1, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  8+ Years of Experience. / CCNA (S), CCNA (W), CCNA (RS), MCTS, MBCs.
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Cannot get microphone to work on ipad2 Skype since IOS7 upgrade.

Customer Question

Cannot get microphone to work on ipad2 Skype since IOS7 upgrade. I have checked the privacy settings and all okay. Have reinstalled Skype, still no joy. Have reset IPad settings, still no joy. Have reset iPad, still no joy. Run out of ideas now! Can you help please?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  KamilAnwar1 replied 4 years ago.

KamilAnwar1 :

Hello & Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is Kamil and i will do my best to assist you.

KamilAnwar1 :

Can you go to Settings > Privacy >Microphone.

KamilAnwar1 :

Ensure, Microphone is turned on for Skype and other apps.

KamilAnwar1 :

Then reboot the iPad by holding the power and the sleep wake button and test again to see if it works.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Have already done that several times Kamil.
KamilAnwar1 :

Can you do it again by going to Settings > Privacy >Microphone.

KamilAnwar1 :

Also, tell me what apps are listed there under Microphone?

KamilAnwar1 :

Please leave me a message when you are back.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Have done it again and tried Skype test call again. I can hear the operator, but only receive static for my recording.
JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Sorry, forgot to add QUICK (nigella Lawson cookery) , GOOGLE, and SKYPE on privacy settings. All turned on.
KamilAnwar1 :

When you make a call to someone, do you see this message:

Grant access to your microphone in device settings for ... to hear you.

See image below:

Full Size Image

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Only the first time, then in privacy it is turned on.
KamilAnwar1 :

That means, now you do not get that message anymore.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Only for the first time after downloading IOS7, then in privacy it is turned on.
KamilAnwar1 :

How many times approx. did you reset?

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Reset everything, must be six times now.
JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Please don't say I have to reinstall IOS7 as I'm not sure I'm confident to do that from iCloud.
KamilAnwar1 :

Can you open Voice Memos

KamilAnwar1 :

And try to record something, then see if you can hear back.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Sorry, had to download it. Done that and my recorded message is all static.
KamilAnwar1 :

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this appears to be a hardware fault with mic.

KamilAnwar1 :

BUT we can do one more thing to check this.

KamilAnwar1 :

And that would be to restore iPad using iTunes.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Disagree. It worked before the last IOS7 upgrade as I could Skype my family.
KamilAnwar1 :

There are already a number of issues reported with Mic dying after the upgrade. However, we can do a reinstall to confirm this.

KamilAnwar1 :

Do you have a computer with iTunes on it?

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Yes
KamilAnwar1 :

And are you talking to me from the computer or from the iPad ?

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Ipad2
KamilAnwar1 :

Okay. I will type instructions here that will need to be performed on the computer and iPad.

KamilAnwar1 :

Please note down all instructions before proceeding.

KamilAnwar1 :

Step 1:
Connect your USB cable to your computer but not to the iPad.

Step 2:
Turn off the iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake (top) button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider. Wait for the device to turn off. While pressing and holding the Home button down (the round button in the center), connect the USB cable to the iPad this will turn the device back on.

Continue holding the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen. When this screen appears, you can release the Home button:

iTunes should automatically open and say that iPad has been detected in recovery mode.

The iTunes will display an option to "Restore iPad", click the "Restore iPad" button. It will take between 30 to 50 minutes for it to Complete. (Do not disconnect the iPad from Computer while it is doing the restore)

Once the restore is complete, it will ask you to set it up as a new iPad or restore from a back up (if any is available).

You can then make your selection to either set it up as new (which will delete all previous data) OR restore from back up if any is available.

The setup prompt (if you set it up as new) may ask you to set a new passcode, just skip that option or set a new passcode that you can easily remember and make a note of it.

JACUSTOMER-dflsbd1q- : Okay. I backup to iCloud on the iPad as there is a setting for that. Should I trust this or set up as new? This bit is where I lose my confidence! Haha! Do I come back to you afterwards? Or have to buy a new iPad? Does this mean all my data is lost if I set up for new?
KamilAnwar1 :

Once you restore the iPad from iTunes check if Skype works, if it does then restore from the backup on iCloud. When you do a restore from the back up on iCloud, it will restore images, contacts etc..

KamilAnwar1 :

Yes, please come to me and let me know the results.