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How do I tell if my Mac is being compromised and what is a

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How do I tell if my Mac is being compromised and what is a good way to make sure it doesn't get compromised?
Hello there! Typically you can tell if your system has been compromised by the speed of the mac is slower and you get pop ups while browsing the web. Below are some steps you can do monthly to make sure your system is running at its best.

1. Always update. This is important as security fixes will be included
2. login items these are programs that open when you log in to your mac to remove or view them simply click the apple icon then Open System Preferences, select Accounts, then Login Items
3. downloads. Where ever you download files to make sure that there isnt anything in there that you didnt download sometimes malware application will automatically download here.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

But how do i tell if I am currently being compromised

There are two programs you can use that monitor but if you want to be really sure you will need a firewall. click go then applications click on the utilities folder select activity monitor and network monitor that will tell you whats currently running/ using the net. Your mac comes with a firewall below are steps to mac sure that it is on and how to limit application access. Click the apple icon Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click Security. Click the Firewall tab. Unlock the pane by clicking the lock in the lower-left corner and enter the administrator username and password. Click Start to enable the firewall. Click Advanced to customize the firewall configuration. Application Firewall's three advanced settings 1. Block all incoming connections: Mac OS X v10.6 will block all connections except a limited list of services essential to the operation of your computer. The system services that are still allowed to receive incoming connections are: configd, which implements DHCP and other network configuration services mDNSResponder, which implements Bonjour racoon, which implements IPSec This mode will prevent all sharing services, such as File Sharing and Screen Sharing found in the Sharing System Preferences pane, from receiving incoming connections. To use these services, disable this option. 2. Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections Applications that are already signed by a valid certificate authority will automatically be added to the list of allowed applications rather than prompting the user to authorize them. For example, since iTunes is already signed by Apple, it will automatically be allowed to receive incoming connections through the firewall. 3. Enable stealth mode With stealth mode enabled, the computer will not respond to requests that probe the computer to see if it is there. The computer will still answer requests coming in for authorized applications, but other unexpected requests, such as ICMP (ping), will not get a response. Digitally-signed applications All applications not in the list that have been digitally signed by a Certificate Authority trusted by the system (for the purpose of code signing) are allowed to receive incoming connections. Every Apple application in Mac OS X v10.6 has been signed by Apple and is allowed to receive incoming connections. If you wish to deny a digitally signed application, you should first add it to the list and then explicitly deny it. If you run an unsigned application not in the Application Firewall list, you will be presented with a dialog with options to Allow or Deny connections for the application. If you choose Allow, Mac OS X v10.6 will sign the application and automatically add it to the Application Firewall list. If you choose Deny, Mac OS X v10.6 will sign the application, automatically add it to the Application Firewall list and deny the connection. Some applications check their own integrity when they are run without using code signing. If the Application Firewall recognizes such an application it will not sign it, but then it will re-present the dialog every time the application is run. This may be avoided by upgrading to a version of the application which is signed by its developer.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is there any other softwares which I can use to monitor hacking?

The osx system has one built in but its not in graphic its all lines. This app however does have that feature as well as the ability to monitor your ports
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Are these two applications suffice to stop attacks and spot them ?

The built in firewall will do all that this app is more for the user to have control/view ports and what apps are using them etc.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Also, is AVAST the best antivirus software for mac?

Yes it is one of the best as well as free. :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Is it very unlikely for one to be hacked?

Generally yes because there is alot to hack through and a high risk vs reward. When hacked the hack has to go through their internet service provider then a connecting on and finally to yours. Its very hard to do so usually big companies are target as they have a greater chance of getting more card numbers passwords etc.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Is it easy to hack a personal computer though?

not generally no there is still many hopes to go through. To be honest as long as u have that software u have a 2% chance of that happening.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Would IP Scanner Home be a useful tool?

Yes if you want to make sure no one else is connecting to your router but most routers have this function built in as well.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

You are very good in mac.


What are other good applications for mac/for security please?

Another good one that i can think of right now is net spot. Gives you full analysis of your wifi etc.
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