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Omer Mushahwar
Omer Mushahwar, Computer Hardware Engineer
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1.What is the difference or what does Cloud on in relation

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1.What is the difference or what does Cloud on in relation to I Cloud?

2. How do I save Videos to the hard disk on my I Pad?

3. How do I link my I Phone model MB-489B to my I Pad model MD510B/A?

Omer Mushahwar :

Hi and thanks for using Just Answer

1) Cloud on with relation to your ipad and Iphone relates to Apples Cloud storage. You can turn these on, on your phone so that your items sync with Icloud.

Omer Mushahwar :

The advantage of this is that you get to have things sync to multiple devices, like notes pictures contacts whatever you choose to sync

Omer Mushahwar :

2) to save videos to the hard disk on your Ipad you have two options, the first is to buy the videos on your ipad from the itunes store, the second option is if you have a video imported into itunes on your computer you can then sync it to your ipad

Omer Mushahwar :

3) in terms of linking your phone to your ipad, and you are looking to use your iphone to give the ipad internet
To do this with your Iphone 3G and your Ipad 4th generation, you will need to make sure your phone is on IOS 4.3 at least
You can then use the personal hotspot feature to setup the 3g phone with a bluetooth personal hotspot setup
You can then go to your ipad and connect to the iphone via bluetooth

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