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ptorres007, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  10 years in the IT industry with certifications.
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Can I replace a faulty LCD screen of my 27" Mac Thunderbolt

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Can I replace a faulty LCD screen of my 27" Mac Thunderbolt Monitor with the 27" LCD screen of an iMac? They look identical but have different part numbers.
ptorres007 :

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer, my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you on your question today.

ptorres007 :

I understand your iMac display has goine out and you want to know if you can replace the screen itself with the one in the thunderbolt monitor? This cannot be done as they are different connectors on the inside.

I suggest you buy the screen yourself here:

and use this guide to replace it:

ptorres007 :

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions and if I didnt understand your question correctly. Thank you.

Customer: No you have misunderstood the question.
ptorres007 :

Oh, I am sorry. Could you explain what you are trying to do, please.

Customer: The mac monitor screen is faulty. Can I replace it with an LCD screen from a 27" iMac?
ptorres007 :

Oh, the Mac thunderbolt monitor is the fault screen and you want to replace it with the 27'' imace?

ptorres007 :


Customer: Yes
ptorres007 :

That would be the same issue, you will not be able to swap the screens out.

Customer: Any suggestions where I could buy the correct screen but 2nd hand?
ptorres007 :

Have you check ebay, thats usually my go to for second hand.

ptorres007 :

What was apple charing you?

Customer: 900 € 😳😳😳
Customer: But 680 € just for screen; 60€ for cable then labour and vat.
ptorres007 :

Have you looked into your local tech offices? They may be able to just replace the faulty parts of the screen which will be significantly cheaper.

Customer: I will look into that and see what can be done. Thanks for the input.
ptorres007 :

You're welcome. Best of luck to you.

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