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Can you tell me how to sort a numbers data base alphabetically

Customer Question

Can you tell me how to sort a numbers data base alphabetically please?
Can you ell me how to produce address labels from a numbers data base Please?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Pete replied 3 years ago.
Pete :

Hi there,

Pete :

Sorting a Numbers database alphabetically can be confusing for someone who is used to Microsoft Excel! -

Pete :

Tap on the column that you want to sort so that you see the sizing bar above the table. Then tap on the sizing bar to select the column. Then tap on the bar again. This will bring up Cut, Copy, Paste , etc. One of the options will be Sort... Then just pick the direction you want to sort in.

Pete :

To produce address labels using Numbers and Pages:

1) Open Pages

2) Open an Envelope template from the Word Processing group

3) select the menu item "Edit > Mail Merge" to start the merge process

4) select whether to take merge data from a Numbers document or the address book

5) map how the fields in a contact map to the fields on the envelope by exposing the merge fields

6) merge to a new document for your review before printing

JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- : I am still unable to prepare mailing labels from your instruction.
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- : Only because the answer did not solve my problem. Please help.
Pete :

You have already gone and rated my service as BAD! :(

Pete :

I was trying to help....

JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

OK so what do I do now? Sit on my computer and wait for you to e

JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :


Pete : You can rate my service highly if you wish.
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

I am still unable to do what I want from the answer I got.

Pete : You have already rated my service as bad and you expect me to continue?
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

I rated it bad, not directed at you personally, but because my problem warn solved.

Pete : Unfortunately the rating is for my service only, and reflects very negatively on me!
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

I am really sorry about that, it wasn’t my intention at all but I have paid £29, with no apparent way of getting that back, and I am no further forward than I was. If you can tele how to do that I would be very happy to change my rating.

Pete : What happens when you try the instructions I posted?
Pete : Are you able to follow them through successfully, or do you get stuck at any stage?
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

The things you suggested just don’t appear as options on my computer. I am fairly computer literate but it has me beaten.

Pete : Would you like me to connect remotely for an additional fee?
JACUSTOMER-yxdgnfvp- :

Thank you for the offer but I do not want to spend any more.

Pete : Ok, I am sure it is something simple, can you try the instructions again and let me know which step you get stuck on.