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Johnny  Mack
Johnny Mack, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 1353
Experience:  6 years repairing macs and ipods and 3rd level tech support
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I use iPad Air and am having problems with an app - LHP = Learn

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I use iPad Air and am having problems with an app - LHP = Learn Hebrew Pod. I have contacted them about the issue I am having and they insist that all is ok their end! They suggest a problem with my device.
The issue is that when trying to open an option which makes connection with their website (presumably) it does not attempt to load at all. It does work, however, on my iPhone.
I am at a loss as to how to remedy this issue with this particular app.
I have done all the usual, ie switched device off and on, reloaded app several times in an attempt to get this particular option to work.
All other apps work perfectly well.
Johnny Mack :

Hello there!

Johnny Mack :

There might be an issue with the applications settings

Johnny Mack :

firs thing to do is go to the settings icon

Johnny Mack :

select general then select reset

Johnny Mack :

finally select reset network settings

Johnny Mack :

once you have done that your ipad will reset and you will need to add your password ***** your wifi.

Johnny Mack :

then you can attempt to connect to LHP

Johnny Mack :

if it still doesnt work post back and ill give you the next set of steps

Customer: I have done that and the LHP is still not working as it should
Johnny Mack :

Then our only other option is to restore the ipad and setup as new then install the application again. The reason being is apple ios wont delete the settings it has saved for that application so it forces us into having to kinda of start from a clean slate

Customer: That's too drastic. So much other stuff on there and iTunes on our old laptop pretty unstable sometimes. I'll just put up with.accessing LHP site direct/ online each time instead of using the app. Cos everything else is working fine.
Customer: Thanx anyway
Johnny Mack :

I understand if change your mind were always here please remember to give me a 5 star rating and thank you for using just answer.

Customer: May I ask tho. At the top of the screen ( screenshot below). You see a white strip mentioning an offer? Well the first time I had one if these ihad this same issue with the app. But once I accepted the offer and it disappeared from the screen I had no problem. Is this coincidence or a possible kind of barrier????
Customer: Sorry can't paste screenshot
Johnny Mack :

well apparently you only get one free lesson per itunes account so its possible that they block it after

Customer: I had the free lesson plus paid for more which is valid til Sept 2015
Johnny Mack :

i need to see what that screen shot says i am gonna switch to the q and a posting style so you can upload it

Johnny Mack :

is that ok?

Customer: Okay no worries. Thanks. I will now rate you
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