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All of a sudden. Mac (Yosimite) advises it has the same IP

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All of a sudden. Mac (Yosimite) advises it has the same IP address as another device. It doesn't I have checked on my router, refreshed etc and it does NOT. There is no other device with the IP address ending in 100 that it claims there is. I have assigned a manual IP and my router shows this and looking under network preferences It reports Wi-Fi connected with an address of 192.168.1.XXX. BUT on top bar of screen Wifi is disconnected ie the Wi-Fi logo has an exclamation mark in it.. I cannot connect to the internet. There was another Mac on the network that was also reporting that it was in conflict with a device with the same IP address and it also said it was in conflict with a device IP ending in 100. Anyway that MAC is turned completely off to isolate that device form being part of the problem.
Are you sure you have no phones or pads that also use WiFI?
Unplug the router and/or modem from power and turn off all devices turn on starting with the router/modem and then the Mac
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK done all that. same result wifi connected - no Interent connection

Jang on . Just took manual IP assignment off and turned it in to Automatic ... now have an internet connection. After router refresh router still repots it has the same x.x.x.200 IP. Will reboot mac and report.

Right for some reason even with 'Using DHCP' it has still chosen x.x.x.200 as its IP. Is that normal I it will try the last one it had?? I was expecting it to return another?

Anyway got wifi and Internet Connection now. Doe that mean it was another device causing the problem?

Ok something is using that IP address. You can scan your network with this:
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