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Michael Hannigan
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My old iPhone 4 is showing data in the Internet history as

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My old iPhone 4 is showing data in the Internet history as today's date but it is old data. The history on my new iPhone 5 hasn't fed through. Why is this, particularly the old data showing as having been looked at today on the old phone when this is not the case, it's years old!!!?
The pictures feed from the new back to the old phone but the contacts are also wrong and don't match from new to old despite the old phone stating current dates?? Can you help explain this please???
Thanks, Penny.
Hello Penny. My name is***** can help you with your question. What you are seeing is expected. And the reason for this, particularly if it hasn't been used in a long time, is that the old data is still there. But there's a very good chance that some type of update was done at some point and the next time it was turned on, it was days or even months after the upgrade was done. If the upgrade finished at that point, then the data that was upgraded would have been rewritten with the current date. So the dates would be inaccurate but the actual content would be as old as you think it should be. Is that what you are seeing? In other words, the data is not current – and none of it should be. It's only dates that appear to be current. If that's what you're seeing, then that is what's happening. The date on the phone will always be correct which is why it shows the current date and it puts that date as a timestamp on the files when it finishes doing a pattern upgrade. The same goes for the contacts. What you probably did when you obtained your new iPhone is you logged into it with your credentials and that would've basically inactivated the old iPhone so it's no longer synchronizing your information like contacts and things like that it's just a standalone phone right now with the residual data. If you don't need that data your best bet would be just to wipe the phone. That way can't fall into the wrong hands. While you won't see any new data appear there if you don't wipe it that all data will stay there indefinitely.
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