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I have a long term problem with Apple. I have three of their

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I have a long term problem with Apple. I have three of their devices. iMac desktop (last month), iPhone 5s (last two years) and iPad 2 (five years ago). My first was the iPhone way back and all went well and I was registered with Apple with my business
email***@******.*** with***@******.*** as my secondary email. several years later I retired and the company was sold together with the domain. I therefore contacted Apple to request that my secondary email was upgraded to the main
email but was told this was not allowed so I created a new email of***@******.*** which unbelievably took around three weeks to get into place involving some 39 emails to and from Apple before all was resolved and it was established that***@******.***
was my primary email and***@******.*** remained as my backup. All was reasonably ok from then on but recently I decided that my old computer (Dell laptop) needed replacement. Therefore thinking that everything being Apple would reduce problems entirely,
I purchased an iMac desktop which is a fantastic piece of equipment. My problems are not over unfortunately because I have been getting major problems in that passwords keep on being rejected and I am constantly having to change them over and over. I set them
one day and it works for a day or two but then a few days later I decide to purchase something from say iTunes or download an App and the password ***** ***** rejected and I have to change it again to enable the transaction to proceed. Have you come across this
problem and can you suggest any solution? I have spoken to Apple on numerous occasions and they seem to sort it out only for it to reoccur a short time later. I have even spoken to a senior Apple troubleshooter who appeared to sort it out but it is still a
problem. He gave me his email address and I have written to him for further advice four days ago without any response. Your advice would be appreciated. Dudley Gillham
Hi Dudley,Thanks for your question.This is a very strange problem, but I have seen it happen a few times before, with various causes.First, lets rule out the possibility of a malfunctioning keyboard. The simplest way to find that out is to swap with a different keyboard. Or if the current keyboard is Bluetooth, it could be dying batteries, or batteries with poor electrical contact. Replace batteries and try again is a simple test of that. You would be surprised how many times someone thinks they have typed in the correct password, but the keyboard has not processed the key presses correctly! If replacing the keyboard or using new batteries does not help, then we can look at the other possibilities. Best,Pete.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Pete, I have now received contact from Apple and I think the problem has been solved, at least that's what they have told me. I will give it a few days to be sure and will come back to you if I need your further assistance. Dudley