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I need help with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) I want to

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Hi I need help with OBS (Open Broadcast Software) I want to stream on Twitch TV and Youtube, they both use different bit rates, I would like to stream at 720p on Twitch and at 1080p on Youtube, I get around 10 MBPS upload speed and 100 MBPS speeds, what
would the best setup for me to use in OBS for both platforms? I have lived streamed many times but youtube tells me there is a problem with the bitrate in the stream health box when live streaming, just another note I am using a mac, which has decent parts
including an i7 so my computer can handle the CPU to stream.
Hi there,You must use the exact bit rate for the resolution that you chose on the Ingestion Settings page. If you do not have enough bandwidth for the resolution that you chose, consider lowering your chosen resolution. The correct bit rates for each resolution are listed in the encoder settings: is normally recommended you use an audio stream bit rate value of 128 Kbps, or otherwise indicated during streaming.Ensure you correct the sample rate for audio in the stream to 44.1 KHz, or otherwise indicated.
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