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Acquired Amazon Video connection. Films constantly

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Acquired Amazon Video for wireless connection. Films constantly interrupted by revolving circle and notice saying Insufficient Bandwidth. How to resolve, please?
Hi Sally, This could be caused by a number of factors but essentially means that the device you are using does not have a fast enough connection to the Internet to stream live video. This may not actually mean that your Internet connection is too slow but one of several possible problems: 1.) Your WiFi signal strength may be too low for the device which may caused "dropped packets" (this basically means that as data is being transferred - the device is missing some if it. Essentially you can think of this like whispering in a loud room - the person you're whispering to may pick up the odd word but they're not going to hear most of what you're saying. The resolution to this is usually to either change WiFi channels to a less busy one on your router or move the router / TV device closer. Alternatively, you can try connecting the TV streaming device via an Ethernet cable to the router directly which would eliminate this problem. 2.) You may have the quality settings on the video stream set too high for your Internet connection to effectively handle (i.e. trying to force too much data down a line which isn't fast enough.) This can cause buffering and high bandwidth usage problems. To resolve this - try changing your preferred stream quality down to something like 420P rather than the likely default 720p or 1080p. Are you able to tell me your Internet connection speed? You can find this out by going to and running a test to find out your upload and download speeds. Thanks! Christopher
Hi Sally, If my answer has resolved your issue I would greatly appreciate if you could rate my feedback. :) If not - please feel free to come back with follow-up questions and/or provide the Internet speed test results and I should be able to tailor my advice from there. Thanks! Christopher
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