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S ince updating to Sierra 10.2.5 I am directed to "iCloud"

Customer Question

s ince updating to Sierra 10.2.5 I am directed to "iCloud" and asked for a password. I have followed "forgot password" path and have been sent an email.. I cannot get to my email because I am asked for my "iCloud" password.
how do I escape and get back to a non iCloud world as i was before and everything worked.
I never used "i cloud"and did not beed it..
I am trying to connect my mac pro wirelessly to a new printer and cannot escape from iCloud
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  JamesI replied 10 months ago.

iCloud is all part of the wider Apple ID environment.

All apple devices need registered against an Apple ID, there would have been an option to opt out of iCloud.

First of all I suggest we get your Apple ID \ iCloud account in good standing so you can access your e-mails then proceed to disable the iCloud functionality.

To do this, its best done via a remote session and over the phone.

Please let me know a suitable time when I can give you a call and connect to your machine.