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Hi my Mazda RX8 overheated on Mon afternoon, but was fine afterwards.

Customer Question

Hi my Mazda RX8 overheated on Mon afternoon, but was fine afterwards. Driving to work yesterday was ok, but yesterday evening after driving back from work it overheated again and had coolant boiling in the overflow reservoir. It had its service on Mon just gone, and did not have this problem before its service. Any indication what it may be?

Thank you CW
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


first thing to check would be the level during cold and see what its sitting at - just to be sure its not too low however you would expect to the level sensor warning come up but worth checking anyway - If they changed the coolant during service etc then the system may not of been fully bled properly that could be one possibility..another could be failing or sticking thermostat,very common for those to that..possibily the cheapest option to the try first and see if that helps - of course there are other things that could cause this from maybe a failing water pump to a partially blocked radiator which can be back flushed to see if that improves anything..if you don't hear the fan kicking in when it reaches that point then that would be another area to look into..if there is no white smoke coming out from the tail pipes when this occurs then the internal seals should be ok..these engine don't have headgaskets but seals instead..but as above it would be worth trying the cheapest options aswell as a system pressure test etc. I do hope this helps