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A couple of times in the last two weeks a recently purchased

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A couple of times in the last two weeks a recently purchased Mazda 2 1.4 diesel has gone into "limp home" mode and the powertrain fault light has come on. Both time the AA could find no fault code or rather they could get no communication. A local garage was able to plug in but each time the ign went dead, but after wiggling various ecm leads or relays the ign was restored and fault codes were retrieved. Many codes indicated communication lost within the ecm but there was also a #3 injector circuit fault indicated.
I saw on an Autoexpress site that a local dealer said this could be a faulty engine earth connection. On examination I found an earth strap on the drivers side engine mount that was very suspect and had but half the copper strands clamped under a washer held down by a a bolt. I have replaced this connection with a soldered battery terminal. Is this likely to have solved this fault. We are wary of taking it on a motorway which the only place it seems to give up on us. The fault goes when the engine cools down. Any help would be appreciated

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Hello and Welcome..

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Indeed - yes - a bad earth will cause all these troubles...

What I would suggest you do to rule this out / cure this without doubt is to obtain from a car spares shop - a long "main earth" cable ( you can buy them in different lengths).. then fit that - bolt it to the body at a convenient point - even the one that is the original - just be sure the body is clean free of corrosion and paint - so clean bare metal.. then connect the other end to any good contact point on the engine - a bolt / nut head...anything like that - so long as its a good connection. That will do away with this issue altogether..

IF you should have any issue again - then you need to check the actual connections to the various components -such as the main fuse box connections - ( the main feed lead)..and the Ecu - (block connectors ) and so on.. but from what you have said - Im sure you will find its cured with a decent main earth strap.

Let me know how if you need anything else-

Very best Rgds, MIKE.

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Mike, Technician
Category: Mazda
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
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