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Electric window mechanism -year old 626 gti coupé

Customer Question

Electric window mechanism for 25-year old 626 gti coupé ... model GD1652, LHD, built in 1989 ... amazingly in good mechanical condition apart from that wretched left (driver side) window. Once the window is lowered more than about halfway, my attempts to raise it electrically result only in a loud gnashing of gears. There's no winder so it has to be raised by dragging the glass. I've been told that the whole lifting unit needs to be replaced. But I can't find one anywhere, at least not in breakers' yards in France and Holland (where I live 50/50) or on the Web. So my first question is can anyone suggest a possible UK source for a working left-side 626-GTi window raiser? It wouldn't surprise me if the answer is no, so I wonder if there is any prospect of adapting another window raiser (perhaps from a later 626 model) to replace the present one? I'm prepared to put in some Meccano-nurtured mechanical skills if necessary. regards, ***** *****

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 2 years ago.
I'm Shantal and I'm a moderator for this topic.
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
I was checking to see if you had already found your answer or if you still need assistance from one of the Professionals.
Please let me know if you wish to continue waiting or if you would like for us to close your question?
Thank you,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your message Shantal.

I suppose I might as well wait another few days. Actually, only minutes after posting my query, I received a response from someone declaring himself competent to deal with it. He seemed to have disappeared however by the time I got round to making the payment.

On Saturday I removed the door liner to look at the situation and take some photos. It was with some trepidation since the last time I did anything like that was on my first car, a Ford 100E Popular, in 1972; I recall that most of the plastic clips snapped off, but the Mazda is made of better stuff. Seeing how snugly the window lifter fits into the door space, I now think it even less likely that an alternative would fit. But let's see if any ideas come up.

regards, Vic

Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 2 years ago.
Hello Vic,
Thank you for getting back to me and apologies that you have not received an answer yet. We have a range of Professionals online all the time. However specialities differ, and we are searching for the right professional to assist you.
Should you wish to close your question and reverse your charges at any time please let me know.
Thank you for your patience,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Shantal,

It's pretty obvious by now that I am not going to get any useful replies, so would you please reverse the charges.