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I have just had my DPF changed by Halfords. The engine light

Customer Question

I have just had my DPF changed by Halfords. The engine light has now come back on after just 2 days driving (DPF light stopped flashing) and I seem to have lost some power. Could you tell me if I should be worried; should take the car to a Mazda dealer to fix or if it is an easily solvable problem such as the reset has not been carried out properly?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Robert replied 4 months ago.


Normally when replacing a DPF you have to ensure DPF values in the ECU are reset using a proper maybe the ecu via the differential sensor might be seeing old values from the old blocked or restricted DPF..A full system scan will be required to see what codes are being set as that will be reason for the limp home as the ecu has set codes..pretty much doubt halfords would have the capability diagnostic wise to solve that so obviously Mazda would be the prefered route unless you can find someone local with high end scanner thats able to reset or at least check the DPF system is reset..hope this helps