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sebastian manrique
sebastian manrique, Auto Mechanic
Category: Mazda
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Experience:  Director Ejecutivo at Multiservicios Cruz de las Mercedes
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I have a 2010 mazda 6 2.2 diesel, the dpf light flashes for

Customer Question

Hi i have a 2010 mazda 6 2.2 diesel, the dpf light flashes for approx 1 day then goes off for a day or so and then back on,
i have checked oil level and OK
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  sebastian manrique replied 10 months ago.

Hello, I'm Jose Sebastian. Your mechanic automotive expert, it's a pleasure to me to attend your question. Thank you very much for trust in just answer.

Dear customer, the problem may be in the dpf wire branch, with the vibrations the car produces, the sensor could lost its communications, or the dpf sensor itself may be damage. I recommend you to find it, it is connected (stick) to the block. Move the branch wire and the plugs, looking if the dpf light activate or deactivate in the dashboard, if there are not apparent damage, you need to replace de DPF sensor, whether the problem does not get fix when you replace the sensor. The problem is in the oil pump that is not upping the oil pressure. I hope your problem gets solve just with the sensor to avoid higher repairs costs.

Is there anything else I could help you?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Surely if it was sensor the car would go into limp/safe mode
Expert:  sebastian manrique replied 10 months ago.
Dear customer, before continue. Would you tell me which of the symbols i attached you, is your car showing?
My apologies, I consider I could have given a bad diagnosis for the lack of information I have.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
None it is letters Dpf
Expert:  sebastian manrique replied 10 months ago.

Dear customer, i am sorry for my delay. Today have been a tough day.
The DPF (Diesel particle filter) sensor is a pollution filter that controls the car emissions. It store the burn particles produce by the combustion.
Your case when the light is yellow and appears sporadically is due a 3 possibilites:
1) When you filled up or change the oil, did not reprogram the DPS and it needs to be restart, it could be done following the next proccedure. (there is alink below with the proccess)
-Locate the six-pin connector, located in the engine fuse box.
- Using a test tip (search-poles) derive pin E to ground and hold it.
- Turn on the ignition, without starting the engine.
- Next, step on the bottom and release the accelerator pedal ten times.
- Remove the contact.
- Release the test lamp.
2) Forced DPF regenate
Using a test tip (search-poles) derive pin E to ground and hold it.
Turn on the ignition and start the engine.
Accelerate gently until reaching 2,000 rpm and release the accelerator.
After a few seconds at idle, the regeneration process starts.
A blink in the instrument cluster of the DPF warning light indicates that it is being carried out.
Sometimes if it not work the regenerate does not work, you need to active the regeneration with an automotive diagnosis scanner.
3) The filter needs maintenance, it needs to clean or in some cases when it is too dirt its better change it than clean it. The filter is located behind the engine

Dear Customer, Is your inquire clear or is there anything else i could help you? My goal is to give you the best advice I can and I want to apologise again for my delay. I hope it does not affect my rating.