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My dad was recently diagnosed with a mucocele on his inner

Customer Question

My dad was recently diagnosed with a mucocele on his inner lip. This has shrunk slightly and has gone from having a white spot on it to now a black/grey/blue spot which I am very worried about. It is like a hard 'core' to it. Should I worry the spot has chaged colour and is black? He has an appointment with an oral surgeon this week, but until then I am concerned about this colour change? Thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Mask replied 6 years ago.

Welcome to Justanswer

If it was diagnosed reviously as a mucocele by a doctor (meaning the lesion did not show any signs of malignancy earlier and plainly looked like a mucocele) then this color change can only imply bleeding in to the mucocele which would in the early stage make the mucocele look pink and there by even look like a hemangioma however with time as the blood degrades it would change color just like a bruise.

So although it is highly probable (since mucocele are not known to go malignant) that this is just a previous bleed changing color even if it (extremely low probability) were a malignant lesion waiting a few days for the appointment should not be an issue.

So please try to relax and show him to the oral surgeon on the time specified. Meaning this is not an emergency and so not a thing to get anxious over amd most likely its just bleed in to the lesion itself.

Hope this Helped

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