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Reoccuring epidimytis

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Bare with me for a slight story .

It all started when I began having sex with a new partner. I recieved unprotected oral sex and always wore a condom during sex. A few weeks later I started getting slight pain my right testicle which then very quickly moved only to my left testicle. I went to see a nurse who diagnosed it as an epidiymal cyst , but then a proper gum clinic gp said I had epidimo- orchitis.

They called the girl in and tested her and me , we both came back negative for std and urine samples looked normal.

I was given ten days of doxycycline. Ater the anti biotics I began to feel better, but Half way through th treatment I began to feel this feeling of "un finished urine " in my urinary tract. I felt like I hadn't I had to go again and again to stop the irritation in my tract.

I panicked and saw a private doctor who prescribed me with 2 day cipro course.

Thankfully this went away, and after about two days of finishing the antio biotics I decided to go to the gym where I started to feel this pain in my epidiymal area again.

I had a follow up with my gum clinic doctor and she prescribed me with 14 days of ofloxacin, and about half way through it I began to feel that the pain from the epidimys was going away , but that feeling of " urine in my tract" was coming back, as I type this that feeling is going away now ( ten days later).

The epidiymal pain had almost completely left about two thirds into the ofloxacin, but two days ago it felt really tender again! As I sit here no type this it's starting to feel slightly better again.

I'm not sure what to do, should I watch and wait to see what happens or do I need to go get more anti-biotics?

baring in mind it's the weekend , I might not be able to see anyone for today and tomorrow.


Hi ! I am sorry to hear about your painful condition. Firstly you need a urine culture for both bacteria and fungus , this will help identify the organism . You have had a long course of antibiotics. So without proper. Diagnosis further I would not advise further anti biotics unless you have acute pain, erythema , swelling . Secondly you might be suffering from prostatitis for which you might need prostatic massage for diagnosis. Also ultrasound of the testicles would be needed to rule out any mass etc. If you are not having acute symptoms then you could take nsaids or tylenol to relieve pain. In case of acute symptoms you would need to go to ER.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi thanks for your reply, I have been dreading someone saying that it might be prostatis. I've read horror stories on this. The epidiymal pain is not there at the moment it's better today, probably a little tender but I haven't touched it to see if its still there .

I still have the feeling of needing to urinate but it only seems to be in my urethra, I don't have any burning sensation or fullness, no blood , just literally an irritated tip.

If this is prostatis I heard this is usually chronic, is this condition in curable? I would go crazy if I had this for the rest of my life .

do not despair even if it prostatitis there are treatment options. If the cause is bacterial , appropriate doses of antibioticsis required. If it is non bacterial then drugs like alpha blockers can be helpful. Life style modificationlike limiting alcohol, caffiene may help . Also avoid tight fitting clothes and excessive bicycling etc. Sitz bath may help. Thus treatment options depend on cause found. You can get useful information using the link www.mayoclinic/health/prostatitis.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for all the information, my last question is, is it possibly this condition will burn out by itself?
Given the chronicity of your condition it looks unlikely but with proper treatment it is definitely possible.
Caring doc and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay thanks for your answers you have been a great help

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

Let me know,
caring doc
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Your answer has been most useful . Since I spoke to you, I was good for a week , no testicular soreness and no urine problems.

After that I'm on week two of left testicular pain, but only tender when i feel down there. On top of that I had slight twitching sensation after peeing, but only if I moved a certain way. If I sat still the twitching feeling doesn't come.

Finally last night , I had a lot of wine and peed a lot. I got home and sat down, I sat for about about 20 minutes and then my urethra had a sharp spasms. Today I'm fine again, the peeing twitching feeling only tends to come after I've peed for,say the third time.. I have an ultrasound scheduled for my testicle coming soon.

I haven't taken antibiotics for this particular episode , what's going on?
Are you sexually active ?

If yes , any relation with sexual activity ?

Did you try analgesics ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

After i got better i was sexually active in the sense that as soon as the pain went i did masterbate daily ( call it catching up on missed time) .

Upon the fifth or sixth time the pain came on again which lasted two weeks. It felt swollen again and took about a week to subside, im now at the point where its nearly back to its old self.

I dont have any urge to pee, just after i finish peeing it feels a little irritated ( not sore, just a little feeling as if somethings still on the end of the penis, inside it.

Ive only ever had those symptoms, no urge to pee at night, no burning when i pee, no cloudy or foul urine. I dont get typical prostate symptoms . So i dont know i its a lingering uti ( as it only feels like half a uti) , which inflames my testicle or not.

Either way i will be having an ultracan in three weeks, i suspect this is one of thise non specific cases of uti.

What are analgesics , scuse the ignorence! Ive basically been told to drink plenty of water.
There is a possibility that your symptoms are caused by mastrubation. There is a controversy about safety of excessive mastrubation or what is excessive for a particular person.Given that you have already received significant antibiotics in past it could be non infectious process. try to abstain from all sexual activity including mastrubation .if your symptoms improve then we have your diagnosis.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Many thanks for having the patience to help me figure this out. You may be onto something there, I haven't masterbated or had sex since this episode started.

It's been two weeks and my pain has stopped in my testicle, which took about a week and a half, It is still a little tender but the pain level is 1/10 . I never took any anti biotics this time round anyway, and lived off ibruprofen.

As for the second symptom , the feeling or non painful irritation in my urethra is still there but that's considerably subsided too.

My gf has asked me if I can have sex with her soon, I said as long as I feel 100%, I'm assuming its probably okay to have sex anyway as ill be wearing a condom. I'm still going to give it about 3-4 days before I do anything anyway You reckon that would be sufficient ?
Sounds like a plan . This way we can pinpoint the diagnosis.
I hope you are doing wonderfully

You can ask me any question personally and I guarantee you a completely personalized answer only for you.

Take care
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Great! Thanks again for the wonderful help. Ill be in touch once ive done the deed if thats okay with you.
Sounds good
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Doc,


Hope all is well. A little update, so i never had sex with her, I was too wary of it . I suffered a slight relapse with it, with the inflammation coming back and now im getting over it again. This time I feel more positive though as it mainly hurts when I move about. I went to go see my GP about it who said its a possible Chronic Epididmytis. He prescribed Ciprofloxacin for me, but I'm too scare to take it. Mainly because I keep reading about Tendon Ruptures and this sort of thing. I am wondering if there is another antibiotic I can try? I would like to see if i can go on another bout of ofloxacin on its own? Cipro I would rather avoid as I'm uncomfortable about it, what do you reckon?