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iv had balanitis twice in 3 months should i see my MD?

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iv had balanitis twice in 3 months should i see my MD?
Depends upon the cause . If you are still sexually activewith thesame partner and the partner was not treated then the partner has to be treated as well.

I would recommend getting a smear of your penis to get cultures to identify the bacteria. The cause may be viral like herpes simplex or other viruses which can only be identified by looking at the characteristics of the rash.

In any case you need to see a doctor for examination to a. Give antibiotics and b. Identify the cause.

If you are sexually active then bring your partner for testing as well as without treating partner you may have recurrent infection.

Rare causes of balanitis can be autoimmune cause and allergic reaction but first more common reasons need to be ruled out.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

my partner is 2 weeks away from giving birth does this change anything? also it happens a day after wearing nylon underwear, which did cause minor reactions to my skin as a child

Your partner can screened by doing a cervical smear to test for infection , if she is not symptomatic her treatment can wait till the end of her delivery. You should nylon under wears for the time being.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi, yes all symptoms whent within 12 hours after washing it once every 3 hours, it flares up stright after sex does this help with understanding the cause?

Sexual intercourse with active balanitis can transiently flare the inflammation because of the trauma of intercourse. Avoid vigorous sexual activity till your infection clears up.