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During the past 10 weeks I have been experiencing a range of

Customer Question

Hello During the past 10 weeks I have been experiencing a range of neurological symptoms. These started with tremor in my left thumb and has progressed to my left hand and right hand and right leg. I have experienced internal tremor when waking. I have experienced weakness and co ordination difficulties, twitching and jerking. All these symptoms are worse when I am anxious and do come and go. The tremors are fairly constant.

I have also experienced on two ocassions "whole body fizzing" that were very frightening one of which was prompted by a spasm that occured in my leg and woke me up. I quickly got up and

experienced this "fizzing reaction".

4 years ago I was diagnosed with CP through alcohol abuse and although I stopped drinking immediately my fear is that these symptoms are related to damage I may have caused. I initially thought it might be Parkinsons due to the tremors but realise now that this is unlikely, a fact supported by my GP. My GP is treating me for anxiety as I have had a previous occasion of this (13 years ago) with a range of neurological symptoms ultimately brought on through stress. My blood pressure was taken on Friday and the Doctor said this was okay.

I am an anxious person and have become extremely anxious now. On a couple of occasions where I have managed to lower my stress levels I have enjoyed better days but the symptoms always return particularly the tremors. Would a neurological disorder act in the same way?

I presume ultimately I would need a MRI scan but please can you give me your thoughts. Would the symptoms present like this thorugh nerve / brain damage? Would you expect my blood pressure readings to be normaI if there was a such an issue? If so is the prognosis extremely bleak. I am sorry to be so gloomy but it cannot be anything but serious unless it is anxiety related.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  jbmd replied 5 years ago.
jbmd :

I will help you sort this out. My response will either be an immediate answer or some questions for you that will give me information to get you the best answer. Either way, use reply to expert until you are ready to rate the answer. Answers are for information and education only; I cannot examine or treat you or replace your personal doctor.

jbmd :

Has the GP, who is very wise to suggest anxiety as this is a common cause of all sorts of problems, done vitamin levels, specifically thiamine (B1), cyanocobalamine (B12) and Vit D?

jbmd :

Anxiety also makes everything, especially everything neurological, worse, so it's wise to treat anxiety under any circumstance where it interferes with health and happiness.

jbmd :

What is your doctor giving you to take? I want to make sure no drug side effect is playing into this.