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Ive had a painful spot at the top of my head for months now.

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I've had a painful spot at the top of my head for months now. It is literally at the very top of my head and is just in one spot, I can touch it with one fingertip. It comes and goes, but I am aware of it most of the time, sometimes more painful than others (haven't figured out a pattern though). When I touch it, it feels like badly bruised kind of pain, a little sharp, and if I try to "rub it out" it becomes agitated and then hurts more for quite a while. I haven't found a way to soothe it yet. Any ideas as to what this could be and how to get rid of it? Painkillers don't usually help (plus I try not to take them unless I really have to).
Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

There may be a skin lesion or condition associated with this painful area of your scalp. As it is not generalized scalp pain, there is likely to be something under the skin in this area that is causing you pain. You will want to see a Dr to have this area examined.

Some causes may be a sebaceous cyst under the skin or a precancerous skin lesion. Basal cell cancer also can occur on the scalp on the top of the head.

Are you wearing your hair up or tied back by any chance?

I hope this is helpful to you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There doesn't seem to be anything visible there, nor can I feel any "lumps". I wear my hair in a loose pony or plat but that doesn't seem to make a difference if I wear it loose. I did think for a while it might be related to neck pain as I get it a lot (usually from sleeping awkwardly and have had some neck problems on and off for a while). Could this be contributing?

Yes it could be related to neck pain. There are muscles that attach to the top of the skull and run down the neck. This could be a site of muscular attachment that is bothering you. It may also be wearing your hair up. Even when loose, the effects of the tension are still there.

I hope this helps
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