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hi i am 5 months pregnant and i have got sharp pains across

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hi i am 5 months pregnant and i have got sharp pains across my belly and going down to my private
Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

Pain in you abdomen while you are pregnant can always be a medical emergency. You should call your Dr immediately and arrange to be seen either in the office, in the emergency room, or at the hospital.
This may be a sign of early labor and can only be diagnosed with a physical exam.

Several common things can also cause this in pregnancy. One would be constipation that causes abdominal cramping. Another would be urinary tract infection which is much more common in pregnant women than in the general population. Finally, round ligament pain can cause this which is stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus.

Call your Dr and get in to be seen right away. :)
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