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Hello.Having suffered from chronic fatigue, weakness and

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Having suffered from chronic fatigue, weakness and poor memory recall, as well as for periods of time having burning eyes, chronic skin itching, a number of infections to name a few symptoms, I am interested to get an independent view on my blood results.

I am a 37 yr old female.

The results below are from 19/04/12, all of which were lower than previous tests from 20/12/11.

PCV 0.327 L/L Low
Lymphocyte count 1.1 10'9/L Low
RBC count 3.65 10'12/ L Low
Haemoglobin estimation 112 g/L Low
Plasma ferritin level 24 ug/L
B12 130 NGO/L: consistent with B12 deficiency
Vitamin D levels deficient at 37

Can you let me know what course of action may be required?

I have been treated with Vit D supplements.

Many thanks,

Hello and welcome to JA.

You are anemic. Your serum ferritin of 24 is on the low side. Normal is 18-160. This is an indication of low iron stores. You can start on an over the counter iron supplement like Feosol or Slow Fe.

You are also deficient in B12. You can try an oral over the counter supplement. Many patients need injections These would be ordered by your Dr. This also contributes to anemia.

Anemia can cause chronic fatigue because you do not have enough ability to transport oxygen throughout your blood stream. Correction of these 2 deficits should make you feel better.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thank you for that, but to be honest I had already done the research and with the results, realised this.

I think without talking to someone, it is difficult to get the right question answered as there are many things I am concerned about. Having not used this website, I am not sure how many questions I can ask around the topic?
Can I please ask:
Is there anything ambiguous with regards XXXXX XXXXX definitive diagnosis of anaemia from my results? I wonder if this had been missed almost a year ago since the GP said I was still anaemic. Or were my results boarder line?

I have felt exhausted for over a year and I am concerned about the effects of not being treated for anaemia for this length of time, as my memory and cognition has significantly declined. Will I get my memory and ability to concentrate back?

I will be grateful for your expert opinion.

With regards,

Sorry for that, those appeared to be your questions. :)

1. Normal Hb for women is 12-16. Some women will have symptoms at 11.8, others much lower. What is anemic is different for each individual and what they are used to, including their symptoms.

2. I think at least some of your symptoms are from the effects of lack of iron and lack of b12 with the resulting anemia and yes, with correction your memory and concentration should improve.

You can ask as many questions as you need to. Thats how it works.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you,

That is useful.

I have been tested for celiac as my brother has celiac and I wondered if this could be an underlying reason for my vitamin deficiencies?

I got the results back today from the receptionist who said my result was normal at 0.7.

Do you have any advice on possible reasons for my deficiencies or if I should pursue further tests?

Many thanks,


Celiac disease can certainly run in families and can cause malabsorption. This is because the lining of the bowel is damaged over time. b12 and iron deficiency are often just dietary deficiency but may be from blood loss as well. Thats what should be considered. Colonoscopy may be a good first step.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Many thanks for your help,

Have a good evening


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