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hi my baby is four months old and was yesterday prescribed

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hi my baby is four months old and was yesterday prescribed four 5ml doses of flucloxacillin sodium four times a day for a toe infection. i was fine with him taking this until i read on the leaflet this medicine is not suitable for children under two years of age. now i am wondering if it is safe to keep giving him this. Also he is on infant gaviscon for reflux and this also contains sodium will it be safe for him to continue with the gaviscon and also the flucloxacillin.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer

Babies can safely be dosed with this medication. Here is the dosing for newborns for example.
In the 1st week of life use 50mg/kg 12 hourly; in the 2nd to 4th weeks of life use 50mg/kg 8 hourly otherwise 25-50mcg/kg IV 6 hourly.

Its safe to take with the Gaviscon. The amount of sodium is small/a trace amount. Let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's great thanks so my babies dosage should be ok then?
The dose for up to 2 years old is 62.5-125 mg every 6 hours. 5 ml is not the dose. You will need to check your bottle to see what mg per cc is noted. If you need help with the calculation, let me know.
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