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I had a c section 11 weeks ago, and had very heavy bleeding

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I had a c section 11 weeks ago, and had very heavy bleeding after. I have had two normal vaginal births previously. I thought I was having a normal first period on the 10th of Feb (baby born 14th of December), and that bleeding lasted three days. I then started bleeding on 17th of Feb and thought - ok that must have been a fluke - now this is my period. I am now leaking blood everywhere. A towel lasts just an hour. I am in pain, but paracetamol isn't helping. My last tampon (tampax super) lasted less than an hour and blood down my legs again. I have been producing bright red blood now for 11 days. It is worse when I have been sitting down - then I stand up and it gushes. I have clots too, but small in size. Please advise
Are you breastfeeding?
Do you use anything for birth control?
Do you usually have painful periods? Thank you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am not breastfeeding. Currently I am awaiting an implant, but not using birth control at the moment. I have been extremely lucky in that I do not, nor have ever, suffered with heavy periods or painful ones. Hope that helps.Thanks
If you hadn't had a c-section, I would suspect that there was a piece of the placenta that hadn't come out. Since you had a c-section, that's highly unlikely. Therefore, the cause of your bleeding is most likely hormonal, namely that you haven't ovulated since delivery, and the uterine lining has been building up over that time so that it's now thick and causing the bleeding. Because you didn't ovulate, the uterine lining doesn't clean off with the bleeding, and is heavier than it should be. This can be treated with progesterone, the hormone that your ovaries make after ovulation, but if the bleeding is too heavy, you might need a D&C, which cleans off the lining and stops the bleeding. I'm not sure why you have the pain, except that when bleeding is heavy with clots, it can be painful for the uterus to be pushing out all that blood. I would recommend that you see you see an OB/GYN doctor soon. He/she will do an exam and check your blood count and then decide whether you can be treated with progesterone or by a D&C. In the meantime, lying down will usually result in less bleeding, regardless of the cause. Best wishes.
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