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Ken, Postgraduate doctor
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Hi I hope you can help? I have been running and recently I

Customer Question

Hi I hope you can help?
I have been running and recently I hurt my ankle. It started hurting the next day after my run, I have no swelling or bruising, I stopped running for 3 weeks as advised on runners world, and on the 4th week when all pain had subsided is started doing gentle starching with my feet, after a week of stretching I started to run again, short runs to break into it again as suggested, and all was fine and till I got a sharp pain in at the top of the foot and at the base of the leg in the joint. Someone suggested it could be a trapped nerve and would go away after a few days rest that it did! So I ran again and the pain seems to be in the same place and now goes around the ankle under the outside ankle bone, hurts when I stretch my toes out / when putting on wellington boots! The pain is more apparent when not being used, and when I press all around the foot there is no pain. Can you help and advise?
I look forward to hearing from you
Thanks & regards XXXXX
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Ken replied 5 years ago.
Hello Mark Florey,

Were any investigations done to see for the cause?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, like I said I hurt my foot originally it was on the inside of lower ankle, pain went away after rest. And then this new pain has arrived in different place!

Expert:  Ken replied 5 years ago.

I do understand your anxiety.

Pain at ankle and foot {re-appearance of pain} worries me. It needs to be evaluated. Let me explain a bit.

Ankle is a complex joint of the body. There are multiple bones {tibia, fibula, tarsal bones} with overlying ligaments, tendons/ nerves and vessels. Trauma or jerk to the ankle can injure any of the above. In your case I suspect bone contusion or tear at ligaments. Stretching of the toes causes pressure over the concerned ligaments which either arise near the ankle or are closely related - leading to pain.

A physical evaluation along with MRI for ankle joint should give us more answers.

Till than - Strict no to running or taking on excess weight over the foot/ avoid postures which trigger pain/ cold compress, Motrin should reduce inflammation and the pain/ keep the leg raised whenever possible, raise the leg part of your bed.

Wish you well.

Let me know if you want me to explain anything in more detail. If you feel the need to click either " Bad service" or "Helped a little", please stop and reply via the CONTINUE CONVERSATION button with the issue you have. I will be happy to explain more on the specific concern.