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My son 20 yrs was admitted to ICU today due to unbelievable

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My son 20 yrs was admitted to ICU today due to unbelievable pain and visble swelling of the middle of chest area - sternum area ,after tests and scans etc they realised there was a infection and inflamationn of heart membrane they also picked up a protein count of 300 .He is on drip,pain killers and anti biotics which makes him a little groggy he perspires alot but seems t have no or little temp or fever,physically heis extremely fit and is a club rugby player.I know time will heal with anti bodies etc but doctors were initially slightly puzzeld Your opionion would be appreciated Regards XXXXX XXXXX - Sout Africa
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Thanks for your question.
heart membrane infection is known as pericarditis.
The bacterial infection is usually caused by the introduction of the skin bacteria to the blood stream.
THis can happen during the course of rugby game any superficial wounds.
Rarely the bacteria can reach the heart causing these complications.
Another possibility can be the autoimmune causes.
This means the body's immune system can attack the heart membrane.
Another possibility can be IV drug use--but this is unlikely since your son is healthy with no known history of drug use.

Your son will gradually improve over time.
Although this is a serious condition, it seems he is getting excellent care.

Best wishes,

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