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Dr. Sohaib
Dr. Sohaib, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Hello, I am a male and about 4 months after contact with

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I am a male and about 4 months after contact with a female escort girl I had the following and would appreciate your advice. We had protected intercourse, french kissing and unprotected oral both ways.

The first time was about a month ago when I started feeling a grating feeling in the upper pallet of my throat just behind the top right hand last tooth. This then developed into a reddish patch with two small white pussy kind of strips and it lasted about 2-3 days and disappeared. When I have this it stings each time the tounge touches it and when I eat food etc etc.

Its about a month since the first episode and I have the same again this time about three reddish patches and one with a white blob in the patch. Similar to before it kind of grates and stings when the tounge touches it and also stings when I eat food. Its been about two days this time around, and, at least for a day it was quite uncomfortable and it appears to be getting better now.

I have a cold at the moment and I think I had a cold the previous time as well.

I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on this and in particular whether this could be an STD?

Thank you.



Hello. Welcome to Just Answer and thank you for the question. I am Dr. Sohaib, a Medical Internist (who deals with diseases of all the organ systems of body) and i will do my best to find an answer for you.
Well, there are few possibilities here;

We can not rule out an STD responsible for this red patch/ulcer like lesion, however, this seems unlikely.

STD's like syphilis can give you such a lesion (but this is painless and progresses with time). HIV is also very unlikely with one such encounter and this is not the classical presentation of HIV. Herpes causes lesion or sores maily on the lips, but can also occur with in the mouth, in the form of small vesicles and multiple lesions.


Therefore, if not already you can discuss with your treating doctor for an STD screen, which can help rule out any such possibility and will put your mind at ease also.


There are numerous other causes for similar lesions, such as Canker sores (white with red borders), Erythroplakia (associated with alcohol, smoking and tobbaco chewing), Leukoplakia, Candida and Lichen Planus.


Since this lesion co-incides with cold, most likely this is canker sore (as they can occur during periods of physical or at times even with mental stress).


Honestly this does not sound something serious, but since this has been present recurrently for some duration, its imperative to have this examiend by your doctor, discussing all the details i have mentioned.


Very rarely, if a clinical diagnosis is in doubt, your doctor may take a biopsy of the affected area for histopathological studies, which will help diagnose the underlying cause for this with certainty.


Until then, you should avoid smoking, alcohol, & spicy foods.

Maintain a good oral hygiene.


Once a specific cause for this is identified, a targeted management plan can be instituted.


I hope this clarifies and answers your question.

Wish you good luck.

Kindest Regards.


It was a pleasure assisting you and i hope my answer was helpful. I will appreciate 5 Star Rating (Excellent Service) & a Bonus as this is the only way i get credit for my time & expertise. Do not hesitate to ask any follow up questions or clarifications any time.


I would have been worried too if i were at your place but let me reassure you that this is a treatable condition and carry a good prognosis with appropriate management.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Dr Sohaib,

Thanks very much for your answer.


Appreciate it.





You are most welcome.

Kindest Regards.