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Following scan session the report indicate increased echogencity

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Following scan session the report indicate increased echogencity of the liver parenchyma and reduced echoreflectivity of the periportal vessels.

1) What does these obsevation mean?
2)What are the possible problems can these observations lead to?
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Thanks for your question.
Increased echogenicity in the liver suggests destruction of the healthy liver cells from fat infiltration.
Decreased echoreflectivity of the periportal vessels suggests less blood flow through them.
These are the typical changes observed with cirrhosis of the liver.
Cirrhosis can be caused by the chronic alcohol consumption, medications, fatty infiltration from obesity, hepatitis B or C, autoimmune disorder as the possible causes.
You need to consult with a liver specialist and consider a liver biopsy for diagnostic confirmation.

Best wishes
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I suspect the cause of fatty liver is obesity and medication. I have been on hypertension drugs for 23 yesrs.

Is there any treatment that will repair the liver or is a non Cureable problem

Weight loss will help.
There is no specific medication.
With weight loss, healthy diet and regular exercise liver should improve gradually.

Best wishes
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If the destruction of the healthy cells is due to the high blood pressure medication. Is there any solution?

Liver cells may recover sometimes.
But this may not be possible fully.

Best wishes