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Dr Basu
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Hello, My husband has been suffering with severe pain for

Customer Question


My husband has been suffering with severe pain for the last two weeks around his sinuses but mainly behind the left eye and constant severe headaches. He has been given penc V which he took for the 1st week did not help, then prescribed clarithroymycin which still does not seem to be helping. He has been to his gp now 3 times but told will get better in time. He is struggling to sleep feels constantly sick and cannot eat, losing weight. He is taking co-codamol 8/500 2 four times a day which only take the edge off. He did have a very high temp but now OK. His nose is not blocked, does not have sore throat, it is pressure the head. He has used steam with Menthol reguarly please help he does not know what else to do
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 5 years ago.
The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

Thanks for your question.
Does he have any vision problem?
Does he have any high blood pressure problem?
Does he have any nasal secretions or sinus drainage?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



sorry had to pick children up from school.


the answer to all questions is NO

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



No vision problems,

No high blood pressure, possibly suffers more with on low side

No sinus or mucus

Expert:  Dr Basu replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your reply.
I was also out on an emergency call.
Based on your description, your husband may be suffering from migraine headache.
Migraine can cause this type of symptoms.
On a more serious note, this can be related to a brain tumor or aneurysm.
However, these possibilities are rare without any other symptoms.
Given the persistence of his symptoms, a CT scan of the brain should be considered.
If that is normal, then we are likely dealing with migraine.
Migraine responds well to triptans like sumatriptan nasal spray or oral tablets.

Best wishes,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Thank you for your reply, but as i have said he does suffer with migraines for the last 7 years and take regular Imigrain. He has taken these whilst being ill but does not have any effect which normally when it is a migraine it does help within half an hour. Would you normally feel so sick with Sinusitus? he feel constantly sick and does not want to eat?


How do we get our GP to listen because all he says is take the antibiotics and pain killers but how long do we have to keep doing this?


Most grateful for your input, really worried about hubby

Expert:  Dr Basu replied 5 years ago.
Sinusitis can worsen migraine headaches.
However, this should have improved with antibiotics.
Since it did not improve, this can be resistant migraine which may not respond to imigran.
In that case IV pain medications are more helpful.
Another possibility can be brain tumor, or aneurysm.
THis can be checked by the CT scan of the brain.
It is time to consult with a neurologist since his pain symptoms are becoming complex which demands other medications.
Alternately, you can take him to the local hospital for Ct scan and immediate pain relief while waiting for neurologist consultation.

Best wishes,