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Hello, My son is 12 years old autistic and 133 pounds . He

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My son is 12 years old autistic and 133 pounds . He needs xanax to calm him so ha can tolerate his haie being buzzed and treated with a chemical for lice. What is a safe, but strong dosage for him to take for the procedure, this is amedical necessity as he cannot be treated without being strongly sedated.
Other meds: 2mg risperdone, .1 clonidine, luvoxamine, and bezotropine. Please help , my family is desperate, we,ve had to deal with this over and over all year and it spreads to my daughter and I and they can't go to school. He needs to be heavily sedated to get this done once and for all. What dosage would you reccommend, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX of autistic large son
Hello and welcome to Just Answer.

Your son is large enough that he could likely have a dose of Xanax of 0.5 to 1.0 mg. I don't think this will be all you need to accomplish the head lice treatment although it may help in terms of getting his hair cut short.

You will have to get the prescription from your sons Dr. He will adjust the dosing according to your sons weight, age, and his needs for sedation.

Consider asking for a prescription lice medication. Malathion 5% or Ovide is a prescription lice treatment that also can kill many of the eggs. If repeated in two weeks it may end your problems completely.

Good luck.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you,

The problem is the buzzer is the most terrifying thing in the world to him because of the sound and more dangerous to use if he is not heavily sedated.

I have the Malathion 5% and have used that on my daughter and so i knoe it's smell will make him fight it. Does the Ovide have a strong smell do you know?

And if we could sedate him to 2 mg to do the buzzer this time and get the chemical in , as long as he is heavily sedated, he also has two therapists trained in PMT techniques who will be there to do restraint maneuvers. As long as 2mg is safe for one time , I really need to give him the strongest he can take so he will tolerate the buzzer just once . please let me know if that dosage is safe for him to ask for. Thank you , Laura

Hi The Ovide does have a strong smell. If you get him to suck on a lemon candy or sucker while you are doing it that will help. I know this is not the best result, but have you considered having a barber trim his hair with scissors very short instead?

I think 2 mg is alot for a child and again, since you need to have it prescribed, you would need to consult with your pediatrician. If you are sedating him in a restraint situation, I would consider trying to discuss with his Dr if this can be done as an outpatient procedure in an outpatient treatment room of a hospital. That way you know he will be 100% safe from a medical standpoint.

Good luck and thank you for your rating.