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Hello, I have been on the Alizonne protein diet fo 4 weeks,

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Hello, I have been on the Alizonne protein diet fo 4 weeks, I did a ketone urine test this am, and I am most definately not in ketosis. I would really appreciate a second opinion as I feel when I ask at the clinic I maybe fobbed of and told to keep going (at a cost 0f £250 per week) when there is an underlying problem. I have been struggling for 10 yrs with weight, trying various diets - proper ones not fads - I did have an hb 0f 8 and no iron storea at all! But after self treatment it's up to 13 and all my other levels are normal. My BP is 120/75. Looking forward to your response. Thanks, Corinne
Hello from JA
Have you had your thyroid function checked.

If so, what is your TSH value?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes, I did 2 yrs ago as I felt it fairly obvious, I eventually got a sympathetic GP, it was within normal range, that's when I found out about my Hb.


And what was the TSH value exactly?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Not sure what TSH was exactly, gp said it was fine and told me to 'eat less' hb = haemoglobin level was 8 is now 13 - anemia does prevent the ability to lose weight as apparently the body stores everything. I have lost 12lb over the 4 weeks, but am sure it is just fluid, yes I am active, after the last diet I tried, I have been very health conscious and have cut out wheat (I have an intolerance - shan't bore you) and keeping in mind recommended daily calories etc. I have very heavey periods but this has not raised concern- often wondered if it had anything to do with it. I think my thyroid was tested before I started the treatment and I asked if all was in order and was told it was all fine. I started the treatment as I am 5 stone over weight and 5'3! (I don't look it though as I am fairly well tonned with good posture - (well as good as it can appear walking around in a fat suit!)
My main concern is heart disease, my father had a massive CA aged 45 - I'm sure 90! fags a day didn't help, but personally - I contracted a myocarditis at 21 and it has left me with an enlarged heart.

Hope some of this helps, regards Corinne

The problem is that I don't think you are normal thyroid.
Guidelines have changed.
But doctors and labs have not caught up.

TSH is still considered normal up to about 5, but anything over 2.5 with symptoms, including not being able to lose weight, is probably hypothyroid, and just a little replacement will correct this.

Sensitive TSH, free T4 and thyroid antibiodies should all be looked at, and an endocrinologist might be more up to date on this.

The diet you are on is really not meant to put you into a state of ketosis. In fact, plenty of calories are supplied.

There are other factors as well...including toxicity, which promotes infamation, which encourages estrogen dominance, which in turn enourages inflammation and obesity, a vicous cycle.

If this is the case, then a nutrient dense, anti-inflammtory diet is indicated.

So, the diet, and the thyorid appraisal, have to be tailored to you.

This is the venue of functional medicine doctors.
The institute of functional medicine just trained a bunch of UK docs last year.

I would call the institue and get a list, or use their find a practitioner link here

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi thanks for that, I think you are right and I need to find a good GP who will listen - very hard to come by around hear (took 8 yrs to get childs tonsils removed - and when I took eldest in with coeliacs was asked if there was something wrong or was I just not getting enough sleep?) I will write down your suggestions and check out functional medicine, I have a family history of thyroid disfunction but it was never considered important. Please could you work on the rest of your profession regarding attitudes to obesity - it doesn't always equal a face stuffing coach potatoe! If I ever get sorted out properly, I'm going to make sure I pass on what I learn on the journey. Regarding the diet, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX asking me if I'm in ketosis and I keep saying no and they say you must be, you just don't know it! Nice to know I'm not going round the bend. Doctors needing bonuses -try being in the private sector! I was fortunate enough to work with wonderful Doctors in South Africa and I hope to have my faith restored here so thanks for helping regain a bit. Sorry for the rant - but just making the most of the fee haha. Thanks agian, just remembered NB point! Alizonne were supposed to do my ESR before RX began, but forgot/not enough blood whatever.. only did it last week. If it is abnormal they will definately be getting an earful. Best regards Corinne (X RGN, with communtity, psychiatric and midwifery)

You are welcome anytime
Any questions.

OK. If you have further questions or details, use reply to expert.

Otherwise please choose a positive rating [smiley face or accept]. But, still come back if you need to…think of something later, etc. Bonuses are appreciated.