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My 11 year old son had a nasty virus, the chief symptom of

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My 11 year old son had a nasty virus, the chief symptom of which was he was producing loads of phlegm which he would try to spit out but ended up swallowing lots and feeling nauseaous. 4 months on and although he seemed to be getting better, over the last month he is getting worse - still really phlegmy and also feeling 'yukky' in his tummy and nauseaous and full after even small meals. He is unable to eat anything like the amounts he used to and is losing weight. We were prescribed a nasal spray for the phlegm which does not seem to work and now he is on domperidone to help with the fullness/nausea. He is very miserable and hates not being able to eat much as he loves food so much! We are all desperate. Any advice?

This is Dr. David

I am sorry has been battling this virus and having so much phlegm production.

sounds like your doctors need to be more aggressive with this treatments at this point since it has been going on for 4 months now.

I will give you some suggestions here that you should take back to his doctors to talk about.

he could be having severe allergies which his steroid nasal sprays are not covering. he might need pediatric claritin or allegra to help with his symptoms. he might benefit from taking a pediatric benadryl dose at night as well. it might help to have a humidifier for him in his room at night. dry winter air sometimes can worsen runny nose.

he could have a bacterial sinus infection going on. he might need a course of antibiotics such as penicillin to help wipe out a potential bacterial sinus infection which is causing all of this sinus and phlegm production.

also guaifenesin along with drinking lots of water can sometimes help break up the phlegm and mucous and this might help clear him up a bit as well.

has he tried a course of antibiotics yet?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No he hasn't had antibiotics yet.


When you say severe allergies, do you think that the virus may have led to developing allergic reactions to something? Do you think food allergies possible?

food allergies tends to cause symptoms such as diarrhea or bloating or gas. like when patients are allergic to lactose sugar in milk or allergic to glutten protein in patients who have cliac spruce disease.

more likely are things like mold or dust allergies which can cause runny nose and congestion. these can be tested for through skin allergy testing if his symptoms don't get better on the antibiotics. allergy medications like benadryl or claritin or allegra can help his symptoms if they are produced by allergy.

does this help?

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