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DrRussMD, Board Certified MD
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Experience:  Board certified Internal medicine and Integrative medicine. Many years of experience all areas.
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I would be so grateful if you can help me. I have chronic

Customer Question

I would be so grateful if you can help me. I have chronic lower leg pain which manifests itself in three ways. It is like a constant tooth ache at the best, XXXXX XXXXX walk I get pain with every step which radiates through the lower leg up to the knee. When at rest the constant pain is still there and during the night it wakes me many times as I get stabbing pains. The only way to lie in bed is on my front but inevitably I turn during the night. Sitting here writing to you I have had to stretch the leg straight as sitting on an office chair causes it to get worse.

I first had these symptoms three years ago and thought it might be coming from my back - I have a slight scoliosis and have had some degree of back trouble for a long time. I had a scan and it showed nothing wrong. In desperation I went privately and had two steroid injections. The first one didn't work the second one did and I was free of pain for nearly three years.

Recently it all came back and one more steroid injection has not worked and I cannot afford to do this privately. My GP gave me parecetamol based pain killers but these do not touch it. He recommended that I have physiotherapy but I am reluctant to do this until I know the cause.

It is affecting everything I do, walking is very painful, going upstairs I have to lead with the left leg, getting out of a car is painful and I just want to know what could be the cause. I can't pinpoint an exact spot where the pain is coming from as it is radiating through the lower leg. Please can you help with a possible diagnosis as I am normally a fit active person. When walking with my dog the pain gradually gets into my waist. I am pretty much at my wits end to know what to do apart from the exercises suggested by my GP. I am seventy years old.

Thank you for your assistance
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 years ago.
this is Dr. David

I am sorry you are having this leg pain. the pain sounds most like neuropathy related pain from nerve damage. this can happen as we all get older and our nerves get older.

there are nerve pain medications you can talk to your doctor about to see if it helps. things like neurontin (gabapentin) or lyrica (pregabalin). these medications can take some time to work and you might have to slowly increase their doses for it to help

you might also have arthritis related pain in the wrist as well. this this might be helped more with an NSAID non steroidal anti-inflammatory agent such as advil (ibprofen) or aleve (naproxen sodium) instead of parecetamol which is just acetomenaphen. if you do take an NSAID, make sure you take it with some food in your stomach to decrease risks for upset stomach

let me know if you have other questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.

Hello from JA

I am Dr. Thomas, board certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine, and I have run programs that take care of this problem when all else has failed.

We can not say nerve pain without knowing a lot more.

What type of scan did you have of the back....if you have a summary of the report please type it in.

What you are describing is disc disease..that is what the injectioons are for.

This causes pain radiating down the leg, assuming you don't have knee or hip arthritis.

The main compoenent of treatment, the most important, is not simply medication, but is the correct physical therapy. And the correct doctor in charge of the physical therapy, and that would be a non invasive orthopedist.

This doctor would use manual therapies to get rid of this pain, home exercises, physical therapy, tractition therapy if needed, along with a repeat injection or the correct medications, depending on exam findings, how mush arthritis there is and where.

Often patients do not get into the correct doctor so this is ultimately important.

OK. If you have further questions or details, use reply to expert.

Otherwise please choose a positive rating . But, still come back if you need to…think of something later, etc. Bonuses are appreciated.