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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
Category: Medical
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Experience:  20 yrs. in practice, includinge surgery, general medicine, addiction medicine and pain.
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Hello, Ive been to my gp today due to extreme chest pain

Customer Question

I've been to my gp today due to extreme chest pain being very tight and high temp, my chest is clear, How low on O2, pulse rate and bp would it be needing help.
My O2 is 87%
My pulse 204
My bp is 150/89 ??
I am a asthmatic
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 5 years ago.
Hi--what did your doctor have to say about this and did you get a chest x-ray? What medications do you take?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My GP said it's lightly a flare up of asthma,

I take:

Cetirizine 10 mg one in the morning,


Duloxetine 30mg one every other day due to removing drug,


Ibuprofen 800mg one tablet twice a day,


Pregabalin 150 three times a day,


Paracetamol 500 mg two tablets twice a day.


Ranitidine 135 one twice a day,


Tramadol 50 mg two tablets when needed, I have taken this today.


Tramadol slow release 100mg one tablet when needed not taken due to the other tramadol I have taken.


Terbutaline one inhalation when requred.


Singuliar one tablet at night,


Seretide evo inhalor two puffs twice a night,


Ventloin evo inhalor two puffs when needed up to 20 times.


Ventolin nebuliser solution one ampule when needed.


Lactulose when needed


Laxido when needed,


Mebervine 135mg one tablet when needed three times a day.

I have been put on,

Doxycycline 100mg one a day today

and Predisalone 5 mg 6 tablets once a day.


I have not had a chest x-ray, The pain is worst my temp is higher at 40.5c

Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 5 years ago.
OK--were you given a breathing treatment in the doctors office? Why are you on the antibiotics?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Breathing treatment???

Antibiotics ddue to the temp.

Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 5 years ago.
As in a nebulizer with medications in the mist. To answer your question, 87% O2 saturation is dangerously low in an asthmatic and you need a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and you may need a change in antibiotics--I'd go with Levaquin or Augmentin, since it would seem your infection isn't responding to the doxycycline. You really need some aggressive treatment for your asthma right now since this isn't what I'd call a light flare up.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok, I have done a nebuliser I have one at home and always have had I am very shakey but myself and the GP agreed it was the neb doing it,

I am seeing a asthma nurse tomorrow but I feel it's too far away as the pain is really bad, Could it be by any chance my heart rather than the asthma?? as I also woke with pain in my right shoulder but thought I slept on it.

I feel very tired and weak but i put it down to my fibromyalgia

Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 5 years ago.
Probably not your heart but as I said it sounds as though you have pneumonia which does cause chest pain. I think you need to be seen again today--either at your doctor's or in the Emergency Room.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok My drs stop taking or seeing anyone now, I will play it by ear if it gets worst I will ask mum to call out of hours who should send a dr to my home they normally do.

If I use just water in my neb would that help?

Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 5 years ago.
Yes the water would help. Just rest as much as you can today