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Good morning, I am currently suffering from extreme anxiety

Customer Question

Good morning,
I am currently suffering from extreme anxiety existing all the time. I was working with a psychologist for 3 years now about issues I have had since 6 years , which is trying to figure out who am I, my exact identity where I was feeling that part of me is repressed due to having identified with my aunt who is an authority figure for me. I have had good results up till now but all the time feeling that part of me is still repressed as if I am playing the role of someone else .
Until I got to a psychiatrist and asked for a second opinion. He was able to trigger some feelings I haven't experienced long time ago which initiated a sudden severe anxiety. He prescribed drugs (lamictal, atarax, lezotanil). I wondered for a while if I should continue with the new psychiatrist but the emotions grew bigger and bigger.
I am now back to my psychologist with whom we have already created a whole support group (at work and with friends) and I am trying to regain the sense of peace I had with him but at the same time I can't get rid of the emotions that the psychiatrist was able to touch. I fear that the course I am following now is not the right one for me (fear that I am being treated for a different diagnosis).
I know its complicated, and it is overwhelming for me. I fear the worst.
Any advice?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Hello from JA
I would be glad to help you with information about this.

What specific diagnoses do you have?