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I take 4x2.5mgMethotrexate Tabs 0nce a week and 5mg Folic Acid

Customer Question

I take 4x2.5mgMethotrexate Tabs 0nce a week and 5mg Folic Acid Tabs ofcourse not on the same day.
I also take Colecal 200iu+Calcium crab 750 2 tabs twice a day.
I also have found out that I'm not sure but because of my RA My theeth are just breaking away or is it the side effect of Methrotrexate?!
I've had a seset on the side of one of my theeth and the dentist would not take the tooth out and i find that some DRs are not keen to prescribe antibiotica and any how i find that i get lots of infection on my theeth!!!!
Could that be one of the side effect of taking Methortrexate?I have been taking antibiotics for two years now because of my teeth!!!The seyset doe not clear and i had to have a blood test before the dentist would take the thooth out!
To your knowlegis that the right proceder?
Thank you
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  jbmd replied 5 years ago.

jbmd :

Hi--so sorry you're having this problem--I'll gladly give you some advice and information.

jbmd :

Yest, methotrexate gives tooth sensitivity an can cause the teeth to break. Is the infection you're suffering from an abscess in the gum or a large cavity? It is appropriate for the dentist to want to do a blood test before the procedure as the medications can lower your white blood count and limit your ability to fight infection. Good for him not just plowing ahead.

jbmd :

Still, this is a painful and distressing problem. I doubt it's just the RA but RA can cause thinner bones (compounded by the drugs for RA, especially steroids) so maybe it would also be a cause of teeth breaking.