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why do I have to have a bronchoscopy to hoover out muck from

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why do I have to have a bronchoscopy to hoover out muck from my lungs
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Thanks for your question.
Bronchoscopy is a procedure in which a tube is passed through the airways to directly visualize any lesions with a camera.
Also lung fluid can be collected directly to diagnose any infection, autoimmune disorder or cancer.
This may not be possible without bronchoscopy.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

y specialist says there is a lot of muck in my lungs and he needs to hoover it out, can you tell me why it is there in the first place. Im a non smoker. Thank you

Even if you are a non smoker, you can still have chronic inflammation in the lungs.
This happens from bacterial, viral or fungal infection.
Sometimes, the infection may be resistant to the antibiotics or medications.
The dead tissues in the lungs harbor the bacteria, or fungi.
They are difficult to treat with medications.
The secretions start accumulating in the lungs from persistent inflammation and infection.
This will not come out with vigorous coughing or medications.
Bronchoscopy will allow to remove all these inaccessible muck or secretions, debris from the lungs.
This will help to prevent recurrent infections in future.

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