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I am a resident of UK. I am attaching some reports of my recent

Customer Question

I am a resident of UK. I am attaching some reports of my recent admission to the hospital. The attachment includes:
1. 2 pages of discharge summary of my first admission
2. 3 pages of discharge summary of my second admission
3. X-Ray report
4. CT Scan report
A brief summary of my illness is as follows:
My stomach problem started last year around September. My toilet habits used to vary. Sometimes I used to have constipation for some days followed by hard bowels and later loose motions or only loose motions. There was always tenderness in the upper part of my stomach below the chest and above the navel. I went to my GP and she started me on Omeprazole 1 + 1 dosage and told me to monitor my bowel habits.

I joined my new job in Dammam in September and this problem still carried on. Later on in November when I was on Pilgrimage I suffered from loose motions which were intolerable. When I went to a doctor in Saudi Arabia he said I have IBS and told me to show it to a doctor in UK or Dammam where I used to work. I told this to my GP in UK and she referred me for an ultrasound which was normal and just showed gases in my stomach. I carried on with the Omeprazole and pain killer

In March I started throwing up so I went to an Indian doctor in Dammam who took my X- Ray and said that I have colon inflamed which is x 4 than the normal size and it has to be treated ASAP either in Dammam or UK .He gave me a laxative which gave me relief from my bowels for time being.

I came back to the UK beginning of April and told the whole situation to my GP again. She referred me to Gastroenterology / Surgery consultant and the appointments are for Middle of June. After my return to the UK I was taken to the hospital twice (discharge summary and test results attached). This time they have given me some laxative as well and a follow up after 4-6 weeks.

I am obese and have had 2 C sections, 1 Hysterectomy and 2 Laparotomy done in Pakistan. The last operation was done in 1998. The Dr in UK say that my operation is risky due to my obesity and past operations. My only concern is how I would carry on in the long term. I know there is risk but still there has to be a solution.

I had certain queries regarding my situation:
1. Can you explain me the situation clearly?
2. Is A treatment possible?
3. If yes where and which Dr would you suggest? Kindly advice.
4. If you or the concerned Dr has any further query they can email me.

I would appreciate if you could kindly help me with my health situation. I have trust and faith in your opinion.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Hello from JA
I see no attachments?
Can you just type in the summaries of the reports