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Is having a intrathecal implant a good idea. Does anyone know

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Is having a intrathecal implant a good idea. Does anyone know a consultant neurosurgeon named Mr Vijramani as l can not find any details about him?.
Hi--have you researched the intrathecal implant or has it been suggested and can you give me any more information about that doctor?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have been recommended to him by Dr Shankar from st Richards in chichester. He is my current pain specialist. Dr Shankar believes l require an implant to manage my pain as the medication l am on is not good enough. I currently take 3600mg of gabapentin, 150mg of diclofenac , 300mg of ranitidine, 3000mg of paracetamol, 20-50mg of amitripyline. Recently added was 10ml of oromorph four times a day and durogesic. Transdermal patch fentanyl. I would love to lower my med intake but still need to be able to run my public house with my partner. I am a little scared about an operation l know nothing about procedure wise, or doctor.
OK--so the procedure wasn't discussed at all with you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Only briefly to say l would have a trial,where they put in half of the implant,take it out a few weeks later and at this stage it is quite dangerous due to infection. Then my doctor applies again to Southampton and l have it put in fully. If it was successful. No information on the details of the operation, recovery time or what might happen if l get an infection. So for my first time on the Internet l thought l'd do some research, now l can not find the consultant, or much information about the procedure. Can you help? Thank you for your time.
I'll help all I can but can you give me any more information about the neurosurgeon--at least where he's located?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The letter to my doctor states mr vijramani is a consultant neurosurgeon at Southampton hospital who does intrathecal implants. That is all the information l have. I'm still awaiting any further correspondence or an appointment. My letter is dated 10th April 2013.
OK and after this we can continue if you need. The procedure involves placing a catheter in the intrathecal space around your spinal cord and tunneling it under the skin to a depository device/pump under the skin of your lower abdomen. Morphine or fentanyl is then pumped continuously into the catheter and thence into your spinal canal and that affords continous pain relief and could well reduce your need for the other pain medications. While there is always a risk of infection and bleeding, these are minimal and really the pump is very safe and effective and I think it would be a good idea for you. As for Dr. Vajramani his credential are impressive and I think he will be an excellent choice for you. Here are links about the procedure and about Dr. Vajramani
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much, your help has been great. I would definitely recommend you. Life would be very straight forward if you we're my doctor, take care thanks again Dawn
My pleasure entirely, Dawn but please let me know how it goes and don't forget to rate my service to you
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