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Dr. Phil, MD
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A private doctor told me Ive an antral ipotrophy and cronic

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A private doctor told me I've an antral ipotrophy and cronic gastritis, after looking at a gastroscopy test I had some years ago. He told me I can't produce enough acids and my digestion is very slow.

When I went to my GP he suggested me to take Lansoprazole, but I don't understand why I need to take an antiacid if I've the opposite problem of not producing enough acids. So at the moment I haven't started taking any medicine yet.

Three days ago I ate Thai food and I started feeling weaker and weaker, like fainting some times, loosing force. Today I can't do my normal work and after I walk some minutes I get completely exhausted and I improve a little only by eating more and more food. So I usually feel a little better during the evening.

It's not the first time and it usually happens after a bad digestion. I've the idea I'm not absobing food: I'm very lean and I eat a lot more than other people (and only healthy food).

Some years ago a doctor found occult blood in the stools, but an other time I felt weak I tried to check with a do-it-yourself kit and I didn't find anything.

I'm now feeling more than usual a pain on the right and above the navel, that the private doctor said to be caused by my stomach.

I'm very very weak today when just three days ago I was able to run without problems.

IS this weakness simply due to gastritis? Might I be bleeding? What do you suggest me to do?
Thanks for this excellent question

I am sorry you are feeling so bad.

Have you been tested for celiac disease?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes, I was checked some years ago. I don't have this problem.

Thank you Davis

I just wanted to clarify that point

To answer your question, the weakness is definitely concerning

It could simply be due to the GI issues but with your history of occult blood positivity makes me concerned.

I think you may need a repeat occult blood to see if it is happening again.

If positive again, you might need an endoscopy and colonoscopy.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions, just reply
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I forgot to tell that I and a colonscopy and it was fine. So might it be caused by the gastritis? Is a do-it-youself kit that I buy from the chemistry ok to check the occult blood?

I also don't understand why they suggested me an antiacid if they told I'm not producing enough acids.

Thanks Davis.

That's good about the colonoscopy.

Yes, gastritis can do it but an ulcer should be ruled out

Yes, that is fine to do it yourself

I can't quite explain that recommendation either.

If anything, H pylori (bacteria that can cause this problem) should be checked for.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I got rid of helicobacter pylory one year ago and after that I was negative to it. Not having had any improvement since then, should I be rechecked?

Yes, you should Davis

This is classic findings in H pylori
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