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Dr. Norm S.
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iam 49 and after having four pregnancies with 2 cesearean births

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iam 49 and after having four pregnancies with 2 cesearean births one for my son whom was very large and died at birth, i have been left with a very large and extended stomach with an apron overhang and a hernia, i think also now that my stomach musles have been damaged and everything is heading south i have very bad bladder control, can i get corrective surgery for my stomach and my hernia at the same time on the nhs as my condition is affecting my ability to living a normal life.
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I'm not with the NHS, but I'm pretty sure the process would be similar to here in the US. You would need to see your GP, who would then refer you to the appropriate specialist. The bladder control problem is more complicated, and you'd need to see either a urologist, urogynecologist, or OB/GYN doctor. You may need some testing to be sure that surgery would resolve the bladder control problem (which it usually would if the loss of control is related to stretching of tissue). Sometimes loss of bladder control is due to what we call overactive bladder, in which case medications are used rather than surgery. For the abdominal hernia, you would probably need to see a general surgeon. Hernia repair is covered under the NHS, although cosmetic repair related to stretching of muscles and supportive tissues may not be. Assuming both the bladder control and hernia are amenable to surgical repair, it is usually possible for the 2 surgeons to coordinate the surgery so it can all be done at the same time, usually with one surgeon working first and the second following. So to answer your question, most likely you can have both problems repaired during one operation, but it would require coordination between 2 different surgeons, and it's only by discussing it with the specialist surgeons will you know for sure. I hope that's helpful.
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