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please tell me what is the name for the treatment of kidney

Customer Question

please tell me what is the name for the treatment of kidney failure, where kn
iives are put into the neck
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.
Your post is cut off.

There is no treatment for reanal failure where knives re put into the neck....which is the way your question reads

Can you please clarify
Expert:  jbmd replied 4 years ago.
I believe you might mean dialysis, where needles are inserted (not usually in the neck, though) and tubes introduced to circulate blood from your body into machines and clean it of the poisons and put it back into your body. This machine takes the place of the kidneys in cleaning the blood.

To have it done, you see a nephrologist who does dialysis and he/she sends you to a doctor to put in an access,temporary or permanent that goes into your veins usually in your arm, the one you use less often if possible. This access is called a shunt and is underneath the skin so that, inbetween dialysis treatments, it does not leak blood.

All this is paid for by special funding of the government in the US.

Is this what you mean?
Expert:  jbmd replied 4 years ago.

Also, I don't know your age but life is not over with dialysis. You can go to it several times a week for life and otherwise live home and/or work. IF young and healthy enough, you might be a candidate for a kidney transplant, also.


It's pronounced DIE-AL-AH-SIS and a nephrologist is a kidney specialist.

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 4 years ago.

Hello from JA
Dialysis would not typically be done in the neck.
In fact a subclavian vein would be used in an emergency situation.

[under the collar bone]

Not the neck unless there were a good reason...almost never.

In fact we still do not know what exactly you are referring to so I am back to my original question.

Can you clarify what you mean by knives

I can then help you further.


If this was large needles, indeed it was probably dialysis.


Dialysis is life saving, and extends life.


If one must go onto chronic dialysis, there are often 2 options, hemodialysis, which requires a port, and peritoneal dialysis, which you can do at home. This is used more in younger individuals.


Hemodialysis will require going to a center approximately 3 times a week, but even this can vary on occasion.


In addition we do not know your situation, and kidney transplant is an option in some cases as well.


We would need to know more to discuss these aspects further.



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